Biden’s White House Press Secretary Now Under Fire

Since her time in the position of White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has frequently taken criticism. Most of the time, this criticism deals with her comments about the administration, her reactions to different policy matters, and how she handles challenging questions.

Many critics of the top Biden aide have likewise accused her of being less than honest on multiple occasions.

In cases such as this, Jean-Pierre generally gets accused of saying whatever is necessary to make the president and Biden administration look good, even when what she’s saying doesn’t align with the facts.

Now, Jean-Pierre is once again being condemned for this. Right now, the accusation stems from the White House press secretary describing her boss as the “best communicator,” according to Fox News.

Major Backlash Against Jean-Pierre

Yesterday, the White House press secretary was asked if the president’s staffers believe he is “adept” enough when it comes to communications across various settings. In response to this, Jean-Pierre stated Biden is “the best communicator.”

To say that most people aren’t buying this would be a massive understatement. On social media, Jean-Pierre was blasted for making this declaration. Many people suggested that she surely couldn’t be serious or actually believe what she was saying.

Others pointed out various clips of the president appearing incoherent, stammering, or otherwise struggling to make points while speaking before an audience.

The White House press secretary was also accused of insulting the intelligence of Americans by making a claim like this and seemingly expecting it to be believed by the general public.

The General Public Begs to Differ

Many Americans have tired of what they view as lies from the current White House. In fact, when the Biden administration first came into office in early 2021, it promised to be the most transparent administration in history.

Not only has the White House not lived up to this, but it’s openly flouted this promise. There are numerous occasions in which the Biden administration has not been transparent about issues that reflect poorly on the president.

One example of this is the infamous case of various classified documents being found at Biden’s home, his office, and even in his garage.

In fact, the president was discovered by authorities to have sensitive records back in November 2022. However, this was not information that the Biden administration chose to disclose to the American public until avoiding it was no longer realistic.

What do you think about White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre alleging that the communication skills of the president are “the best?” Do you believe she or others working for Joe Biden actually think this?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.