Biden’s Witch Hunt Against Ron DeSantis Ramps Up

New details are now coming out about the ongoing investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

This is supposedly related to DeSantis’ use of state money to send illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. In reality, we all know what’s happening: Biden fears that he will lose a 2024 race to DeSantis.

The Current Status of the Investigation

Various leftists have been cheering as they found out DeSantis is indeed under investigation. We are already seeing the nastiness ahead of the midterms in Senate and House races; the race for POTUS is a hundred times harsher.

That’s already beginning somewhat with the relentless attacks on DeSantis and now the news of this investigation.

During Hurricane Ian, the Democrats were desperate to somehow blame DeSantis for the natural disaster, despite his timely and concerted response. They even focused on the boots he was wearing to try to somehow discredit him.

These people have no shame; the investigation into his sending illegal immigrants to where they wanted to go is now being treated as a potential crime.

Let’s Face It…

From recent FBI raids on pro-life activists to the ongoing witch hunt against President Trump and many former members of his cabinet, from Steve Bannon to Peter Navarro, the Biden-Harris regime is becoming more extreme by the day.

This “investigation” of DeSantis by the US Dept. of Treasury is an outrage and weaponization of agencies against political opponents.

We all know if DeSantis was a Democrat and playing ball with the Biden-Harris regime, this would not be happening. It would have been praised as some kind of brave stand for human dignity and so on.

The Biden-Harris regime and their media puppets have gone after DeSantis for his boots and for the color of his wife’s dress. There is no level to which they will not stoop.

Meanwhile, DeSantis is focused on actual solutions, rebuilding from the hurricane and completing construction of the Pine Island bridge in just three days to get to stranded residents and help them.

Let’s Focus on Solutions!

As DeSantis says, when a government is concerned and focused on bringing benefits to its citizens, it doesn’t need much time to solve concretely and correctly what needs to be done.

Democrats seem to be more concerned with maintaining their power than helping people. It’s clear DeSantis’ competence worries them and this witch hunt over sending migrants to Massachusetts is more political persecution.

The Biden-Harris regime is extreme in every sense of the word, trying to harm our kids, our families, our jobs, and our national security.

They are a disgraceful nightmare for this country. DeSantis should not respond to their provocations. Instead, he should run in 2024 and boot these bums out of the White House.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.