Big Tech Remains Under Fire for Trump Blacklisting, Free Speech Infringements

"190411-D-PB383-003" by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

For years, online censorship of conservatives has grown at a rapid rate. First, it began with certain accounts being demonetized on YouTube and shadowbanned on Twitter; this year, anti-conservative censorship accelerated to a new level after the coordinated big tech blacklist against now-former President Trump.

“President Trump, MAGA rally in Billings,” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Months have passed since Trump left the White House; however, this doesn’t mean that conservatives are letting big tech off the hook. Right now, the concentrated power in the hands of big tech means they have the power to silence people and control information. This is deeply dangerous for a plethora of reasons.

On Sunday, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley spoke about the threat that big tech currently poses, as reported by Breitbart News.

Big Tech vs. the United States of America

During a Fox News interview yesterday, Sen. Hawley explained that big tech is absolutely loving the power it has over speech in America. After noting the instances in which big tech has weaponized against individuals, Hawley stated that a true grasp of big tech’s power escapes many people, including conservatives.

The GOP senator then debunked the false argument that the current power of big tech all boils down to the free market’s outcome. Hawley explained that rarely are monopolies engendered by the free market; furthermore, the Republican senator pointed out that America’s Founding Fathers opposed “concentrated power” due to its connections to big government.

Hawley explained that breaking up big tech monopolies is a must; the GOP lawmaker additionally declared that government, and not the free market, has ultimately made big tech what it is today.

Breaking Big Tech’s Monopoly

As Republican lawmakers look to right the wrongs of big tech monopolies, there are steps that everyday conservatives and freedom lovers can take too.

Joining platforms like Rumble, Parler, Gab, MeWe, etc., are great ways to push back against the monopoly and empower the alternative. Fox News’ Mark Levin actually announced earlier this year that he’d discontinue using Twitter after the site banned then-President Trump.

As big tech tyranny becomes more apparent, a growing number of Republicans are actively speaking out against it and working to engender change.

Do you think the current monopoly of big tech has been created and empowered by big government? Do you believe that a breakdown of this monopoly will ever happen? Let us learn what you predict regarding big tech in the comments segment below.