Bill Clinton Panics When Jeffrey Epstein Comes Up

Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most dishonest people in the world. Now the lying dynamic duo has thrown their weight behind New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

If there was any doubt that Hochul was a poor candidate to vote for entirely predicated on her track record, you can tell she was the wrong candidate based on the group that she pulls in to back her, such as the Clintons.

Democrats And Their Twisted Agenda

Both Hochul & Hillary have been making an effort to downplay the fears that people have about crime, which is a foolish move considering that it is one of the primary concerns of New Yorkers.

Hochul asserted the Republicans were the ones who were driving the issues and that it was a “conspiracy” on a national scale.

Now, former President Bill Clinton has joined the fray as well, ridiculing Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for claiming to care about the concerns of the voters.

Zeldin, in contrast to Bill Clinton, does not live underneath rock; he, like numerous other New Yorkers, has been a victim of violent crime; therefore, he understands the issue.

This demonstrates to you what the Democrats believe about you and the issues that are important to you. They only care about maintaining their authority, and they are willing to say or do anything to achieve this goal.

Epstein And Clinton

But that wasn’t the only item that demonstrated Bill Clinton’s sleaziness; there were many others.

During an event in Texas held for Rep. Henry Cuellar, a journalist took advantage of the chance to quiz him about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

The expression that Clinton had on his face was just priceless. If appearances could be fatal, then this would have been the one. Also, he had a laugh that was really unsettling.

The journalist also mentioned, merely for the sake of completeness, that he was “not suicidal.” Congratulations to this individual for taking the initiative when many others have not.

At long last, a man who is willing to do what needs doing.

Were Clinton and Epstein Close?

The evidence certainly points in that direction. Clinton has made it a habit to minimize the connection between the two events. Despite this, there was always more going on than he was willing to admit.

Evidence? What’s with all of the travels on Epstein’s plane, even allowing Ghislaine Maxwell to accompany Epstein inside the White House, and having Maxwell present at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding?

During the period that Bill Clinton was president, Epstein paid a visit to the White House 17 times. Even more information was divulged by Clinton’s old body guard, including information regarding a trip to Epstein’s island.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this journalist stays safe.

And thanks Bill, we do believe that the evidence is “obvious” that this situation calls for additional answers to be provided as soon as possible.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.