Bill de Blasio’s Harvard Gig Isn’t Panning Out Too Well

Many Americans can recall Bill de Blasio as the former mayor of New York City. On the Democratic mayor’s watch, crime grew significantly without serious action to quell it.

De Blasio was also central to vaccine mandates that emerged in New York City and forced good workers out of their jobs. When he left as mayor, many people were more than thrilled to see him go.

Post-mayoral stint, de Blasio attempted to run for a seat in the House of Representatives; although this resulted in failure.

Weeks later, news emerged that de Blasio would be a visiting fellow at Harvard University and instruct students. According to Newsmax, this isn’t going so well for the former mayor of New York City.

Another Failure for de Blasio

In a nutshell, it turns out the students of Harvard aren’t so pleased with de Blasio. His history and the cloud of negative perception that often hovers over him haven’t gone away just because he’s no longer mayor.

Many New Yorkers likewise frown upon de Blasio’s decision to try running for president while he was still the mayor. This came off as “opportunistic” to many people, as if de Blasio was simply using his position as mayor as a stepping stone to something bigger.

de Blasio’s going to have his work cut out for him when it comes to undoing his negative reputation and winning over Harvard’s students.

When news broke that the ex-mayor would be a visiting fellow at Harvard, many Americans criticized it and said de Blasio wasn’t fit. Now, it appears this perception is gaining steam, rather than changing with time.

Little Recourse From Here

At this rate, there’s no telling what de Blasio may try to pull in order to better his perception amongst Harvard’s students.

However, if the reaction to him remains overwhelmingly negative, there’s a very real likelihood he won’t be a teaching fellow for very long.

Americans in general aren’t too thrilled with de Blasio either. On social media, people haven’t hesitated to weigh in with their thoughts about Harvard students’ displeasure with the ex-mayor.

At this point, many people wouldn’t be opposed to de Blasio going away for good, rather than trying to run for public office again or land teaching gigs at prestigious universities.

To this day, it’s a mystery as to why Harvard decided, of all possible persons, that de Blasio would be suited to be a teaching fellow.

What do you think about the negative reactions that de Blasio is inspiring as he works as a Harvard teaching fellow? Do you think this will lead to the former Democratic mayor exiting Harvard sooner rather than later? Please let us know in the comments feed.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.