Bill Gates Issues Disturbing Threat About Upcoming Elections

Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been a very busy guy.

He recently published a book about how to prevent the next pandemic and one about stopping climate change a few months before that. Now, he’s getting into politics and issuing disturbing threats about the future of the United States.

As an owner of hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in the US and a leading proponent of globalism, we need to take what Gates says seriously.

People like him don’t tend to joke around, unless they’re on the Lolita Express or rubbing their hands in glee while talking about COVID deaths on MSNBC.

Gates Claims ‘Civil War’ is Coming

Being extremely rich and powerful gives you a certain license: you can say what you want. You can also apparently be friends and spend time with whoever you want, including folks like Jeffrey Epstein.

Gates likes to speak his mind and gleefully enjoys talking about things like the COVID pandemic, shifting changes in the economy, and more.

Recently, he had a softball interview with Forbes where he decided to just come right out and say America’s going to have a civil war and a “hung election.”

This is not fake news. It is what he actually said; he never said “maybe,” either. He just said we will have that happen.

Despite claiming he has “no expertise” about it, Gates claimed America is directly headed to civil war that could cause “it all” to “end” in this country.

Has Bill Gates now turned into a doomsday prepper? Not by a long shot…

Here’s What’s Going On…

Remember when Gates projected there would be a pandemic in 2015? He was also involved in simulations of how the world might respond to a pandemic. All to help, of course! This guy is practically a saint.

Then, we had a real pandemic. Gates was seen as a huge expert. He even wrote a recent book about it, as I mentioned. With this civil war comment, Gates is simply setting up the framework for coming political violence. The left and globalists aren’t willing to lose.

As we have seen, when they lose an election, they then claim Trump was part of a Russian conspiracy and blare it from every media organization for four years, completely discrediting themselves.

When that didn’t work, they used COVID to lock down society and try to get it under a big government stranglehold. Now, they have the war in Ukraine to blame, as well as current inflation and other problems.

Though if conservatives and patriots from Italy to America start winning more and more elections, people like Gates are creating the narrative to call them extreme and unlawful.

Recall Hillary Clinton’s recent comment that Trump supporters are like Nazis or Biden’s Philadelphia speech where he claimed MAGA is wrecking “the very soul” of the country.

None of this extremist rhetoric is by mistake. It’s the global elites setting the stage for violence if they don’t win elections.

The Bottom Line

Behind his creepy smile, Bill Gates is not a funny man. His threat is no joke; it’s his vision of the country if the left doesn’t win.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.