Bill Maher Stumps Bernie Sanders Over “Equity” Debate

Even though Bill Maher leans liberal, he consistently produces some of the best material to counter the ideology of the far left.

Bernie Sanders Admits His True Opinion

Bernie Sanders joined the discussion in a recent program that featured a famous exchange involving Russell Brand and an MSNBC reporter.

The next item Maher read was from the crowd and asked what the distinction would have been between equality and the present Democratic fixation with “equity.”

Sanders was utterly baffled, but he ended up coming up with a solution for which we should give him credit.

In the clip, Mahar delivers the query, which inquires as to the distinction between equity and equality. After a brief moment of hesitation, Sanders declared outright he didn’t know the answer to that question.

After defining equality, he responded to Maher’s question about his position by saying he favors equality over equity as an objective.

He was initially perplexed, but we value his candor. Despite his insane political views, there’s a reason why Sanders is so popular. Take comfort in the fact that if given the chance, he’d transform the United States into a socialist utopia.

Yet, he acknowledges what he is.

Sanders will just acknowledge his ignorance if he does not know things. He doesn’t always follow the far-left, woke line (especially when it comes to the racialization of just about everything). Because of this, he has occasionally drawn derision from social justice circles throughout the years.

Sanders is a sincere believer, but he is not a racial hustler seeking power at any cost by sowing discord among Americans. To see something like that in the Democratic Party, which has always framed every issue in terms of alleged systematic racism, is actually quite encouraging.

Sanders was very honest, but the MSNBC hack interjected at the very end to dispute Maher’s understanding of equity as a promise of a certain outcome.

Why? Because, as with most Democrats, he believes he must always follow the rules. Everybody is aware that the drive for equity is idealistic folly that actually does more damage than good.

The Democrat Party has made equity the cornerstone of all that it does; so the MSNBC reporter can’t just say that.

Props to Sanders

In addition, “equity” in legislation does refer to ensuring equal outcomes. Nevertheless, opportunity equality would be sufficient.

Democrats desire more than just the opportunity for all individuals to attend education and advance in life. They seek to penalize those who succeed, while attributing structural injustice to every incident that occurs to someone who does not.

Sanders deserves praise for being prepared to articulate what he genuinely feels, rather than reciting talking points because Maher can see through the ruse.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.