Black Students Accused of Coercing White Students

According to reports, a group of white students attending an elementary school in Springfield, Ohio claimed they were subjected to threats and physical assaults by a group of black students.

The alleged reason for the altercation was the black students demanded the white students recite the phrase “Lives of Black People Matter,” with the threat of consequences for non-compliance.

Black and White Students Clash Over BLM Phrase

On Monday, at around 10:20 a.m., the Springfield Police Department received a report of an incident that occurred on the previous Friday at Kenwood Elementary School. According to the report, an officer was dispatched to the school to investigate the matter.

After arriving at the school, the officer in question had a conversation with Evan Hunsaker, the school’s principal. He recounted that an incident had taken place on the playground during recess the previous Friday.

As per the incident report, Hunsaker informed the officer that a group of black students cornered a number of white students on the playground, pressuring them to repeat the phrase “Black Lives Matter” against their wishes.

The police department stated the suspects had purportedly videotaped the white students while they were being coerced to make the statement.

Additionally, Hunsaker informed the authorities that the students who attempted to evade the situation were pursued and in some cases, physically manhandled to a particular location on the playground.

As per the report, one of the suspects even struck a white student in the head.

Police Investigate Altercation

The incident report indicated that surveillance footage was being collated for submission to the police at the time of the officer’s discussion with the principal.

The report disclosed that the incident on Friday involved a total of four suspects and five victims.

On Thursday, Fox News Digital attempted to contact the Springfield City School District for their input regarding the incident. At the time of reporting, officials had not yet responded to queries about the matter.

District officials informed WKEF, an ABC station based in Dayton, Ohio, that they were cognizant of the incident.

On top of this, they are likewise devoted to furnishing a secure learning space for their students, where they can eagerly anticipate attending each day. As per the police report, statements were gathered and the suspects may be subjected to some charges of menacing and assault.

Law enforcement officials stated on Thursday that the case was still being investigated and detectives were actively conducting interviews.

“The Division” is reportedly collaborating with the Clark County Prosecutor’s office to determine the appropriate course of action in this matter.Β Based on the information provided in the incident report, the suspects, who are students, may be liable to face serious consequences for their actions.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.