BLM-Motivated Attacks on White School Children Shocks Parents

Following the release of a horrific video showing a group of black pupils abusing white classmates and compelling them to utter the phrase “black lives matter,” many primary school kids in Ohio are now being charged with assault.

Reverse Racism at Primary School

According to a video obtained by WKEF, a large kid marched a much shorter child across a Springfield field while another joined to restrain the victim’s flailing shoulders.

When he was carried to a location with swings, more people joined in; one of them charged in and knocked the defenseless child to the ground while appearing to throw a punch.

A few moments later, a gang of five persons proceeded to the same location, but this time, the ringleader was carrying a youngster, who was subsequently thrown to the ground after being raised over his shoulder.

In a third assault, it appears that the group drags a second child along the ground after pushing him or her to the floor.

The 17-minute video is silent, but Springfield police claimed a group of students coerced white students into repeating “black lives matter” and then recorded them doing so.

As shown on the security footage, the principal of Kenwood Elementary informed the police that a few of the people who objected were chased down and guided, pulled, or dragged to the region close to the swings.

The police statement of the racially charged assault reported that at least one of the plaintiffs received a blow to the head.

The assaults on Kenwood Elementary, according to Springfield police, were discovered on February 13, three days after they occurred. Following a request for public records by the local station, which described it as a “crisis in the classroom,” the video was made available on Wednesday, last week.

Prior to the public release of the video, Springfield Police Chief Allison Elliott stated at a media briefing last week that several youngsters were beaten on the playground.

Elliott stated they are aggressively pursuing legal action for the reported assaults, but omitted to mention the ages of the individuals implicated.

Krystal Harr, a mother, claimed her sixth-grader, who is 12 years old, was one of the children assaulted. Harr warned parents on social media about the lack of safety in the school.

The boy’s father stated that reverse racism is not right.

Springfield City Schools declared it does not condone and will not accept the alleged behavior. It will punish students for what happened.

Denise Williams, the head of the local NAACP, said she had been informed that the pupils had been suspended, but did not specify the number or their ages.

There Must be Consequences

Williams claimed she didn’t care what race the children were; she just wanted them to be held accountable.

She insisted the children ought not to be charged, arguing the alleged racially motivated attacks were being exaggerated.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.