BLM Suffers Major Blow by Getting Abandoned by Clinton Camp

(Snapshot by social media footage from Patrisse Cullors)

Black Lives Matter has been dealt a substantial blow in secret.

Two cronies close to top-level Democrat figure Hillary Clinton have deserted its board in the wake of its latest lavish property scandal.

Special Mansion For Parties

BLM’s abandonment by the Clinton camp is likely to further shake the already severely tarnished image of the organization.

It raked in close to $100 million in corporate and personal donations after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers back in May 2020.

The two Clinton allies, Marc Elias and Minyon Moore, are the ones who backed out from serving on the board of BLM’s national organization, according to a report by The Washington Examiner.

Their department is seen as very abrupt. The duo was revealed as serving on the BLM board only back in February. Their desertion from the organization now sparks various questions about the cause of their move and the future of BLM.

Moore and Elias left the Black Lives Matter board only a few days after Patrisse Cullors, the infamous BLM co-founder, admitted she lied publicly about the nature of the group’s scandalous purchase of a $6 million mansion.

Last Monday, Cullors had the decency to tell The Associated Press that the luxury property was bought for “fun.”

The admission of Patrisse Cullors, who describes herself as a “trained Marxist,” raises the question as to whether it motivated the two Clinton camp cronies to abandon the BLM ship before it sinks deeper.

Neither BLM, nor any of the Clinton allies who left the BLM board, have given any reason for their resignations.


Very Thick With the Clintons

Minyon Moore is described as a member of the inner circle of Hillary Clinton’s two failed 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns; she was also an employee under President Bill Clinton.

Moore’s appointment to the BLM board back in February was questionable. She served on both Joe Biden’s transition team and as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “nomination advisor for engagement.”

Also in February, Marc Elias became a member of the BLM board. There was an announcement that his firm, “Elias Law,” had been put in charge of BLM’s finances and accounting.

In 2016, Elias served as a general counsel of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

Regardless of the duo’s appointments to the BLM boards announced in February, in the latest registration filings of the organization, which were filed on April 28 in Florida and Oklahoma, the names of Elias and Moore aren’t mentioned.

Earlier, Cullors denied that the Studio City mansion – whose purchase was unearthed by the New York Magazine in March – was ever used by her or her family for personal gain.

As she now admitted to having lied about that, she had the “decency” to shyly mention that lying “probably wasn’t” her “best idea.”