Blockage of Investigation Into Hunter Biden: Cover Ups and Retaliation

The former head of the IRS’ criminal division stated on Tuesday that he was unaware of the tax agency’s withdrawal of Hunter Biden’s investigative unit.

John Fort, who worked at the IRS from 1991 to 2020, called the suspected retribution against the whistleblower who approached Congress to suggest a coverup “serious.”


Sen. Ron Johnson said the Democrat-led hearings centering more on raising national resources to prosecute wealthy tax cheats are ironic. That’s considering the fact that Hunter Biden looked to be sheltered in the five-year-old inquiry.

Last month, the IRS whistleblower accused Congress of a cover-up. He filed internal complaints with the Treasury and Department of Justice inspectors general.

After alleged “preferential treatment” and false statements to Congress regarding the investigation, the informant is anticipated to schedule congressional depositions soon.

The whistleblower’s lawyers informed Congress of the alleged retribution on Monday. The Republican-led House Oversight Committee tweeted about the findings Tuesday.

The legal representatives for Hunter Biden met with Justice Department executives a week after the whistleblower notified Congress.

The encounter, which was generally perceived as an indication that Delaware Attorney David Weiss reached the final phases of the inquiry, made it unclear if Hunter was given a plea deal.

The investigation team’s dismissal might hinder a thorough case if Hunter is indicted.


Hunter Biden allegedly evaded taxes on millions in foreign-sourced income.

The House Oversight Committee last week named nine Biden family members who allegedly received foreign income. Also, as vice president, Joe Biden met with Hunter’s clients and associates from Mexico, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia, as well as Ukraine.

The IRS whistleblower has not acknowledged that his complaint concerns Hunter Biden, but Nouse sources have.

Hunter wrote in emails on his abandoned computer that he shared up to “half” of his income with his father, even though the president is reportedly not a target of the Weiss-led investigation.

Hunter’s “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, provided about $2 million last year to settle his past-due tax bill.

In addition to tax fraud, the criminal examination reportedly examined whether the first son diverted money, breached the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and lied about his illegal drug usage on a gun purchase form.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.