Bloody Tyrant Putin Admits Terrible Truth, Russia Pummeled By War Sanctions

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin admitted the financial and economic sanctions imposed on Moscow, due to its invasion of Ukraine, are battering his wannabe empire.

What is no less notable is that Putin’s very close aid, Nikolai Patrushev, survived an assassination attempt made by poisoning.

He Used to Mock Western Sanctions

The confession is particularly remarkable, given the fact that Putin spent the past eight years laughing at western sanctions.

On February 24, 2022, Putin felt emboldened enough, especially by Biden’s loss of the war in Afghanistan, to launch a full-scale invasion to conquer all of Ukraine for his wannabe neo-Soviet empire.

This time, however, Ukrainians resisted valiantly and bravely, aided by western military supplies.

Parallel to that, the United States and its allies have been slapping Russia with more and more financial and economic sanctions.

‘Colossal Difficulties’ For Russia, in Putin’s Words

Speaking on Monday in a video conference with Russian officials, Putin admitted for the first time that Ukraine war sanctions are causing “colossal” damage to Russia’s high-tech industries and capabilities.

He also confessed the sanctions are a “huge challenge” for Russia. The country has no way of developing on its own and in “isolation” from the world.

The Russian dictator also tried to use that to press his population for greater resistance against the West and internal cohesion to withstand the western pressure.

Thus, he added Russia isn’t going to be developing in isolation. Instead, it is going to be seeking out “new solutions” in a way that is both “energetic and competent.”

Yet, Putin did not care to elaborate on what those solutions could be or what sort of energy and competence he envisages in that regard.

He added that Russia’s Finance Ministry and the central bank are now expected to come up with giant funding proposals to prop up the country’s technological sector and allow it to develop further with consistent investments.

Closest Aide Poisoned, Another Daughter on the Way

Meanwhile, a report by General SVR, a Telegram channel claiming insider knowledge of the Kremlin, announced that Putin’s second-in-command, Nikolai Patrushev, survived a poisoning assassination attempt.

Several days ago, he was rushed to the hospital. Toxicology tests showed that he had been poisoned with a “synthetic poison,” the report claimed.

There have been no additional details as to who may be behind the assassination attempt of Putin’s closest aide.

It is possible this may be setting the start of infighting among Russia’s ruling clans, particularly as Putin himself is claimed to be slowly, but surely, dying of cancer.

The same Telegram channel also claimed Putin is expected to have a daughter with Alina Kabaeva.

Putin also has two girls and two boys, alongside two grown-up daughters from his official marriage, and another illegitimate daughter.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.