Bob Ferguson Pushes Bill That Will Jail Conservatives Who Dare Speak Up

State Attorney Bill Ferguson sent ripples throughout the conservative community with his latest statement, claiming certain views, or just about anything he deems as misinformation, could be labeled as domestic extremism.

Seattle Radio host Jason Rantz went into detail about the latest bill Ferguson is planning on invoking, going as far as saying it could potentially be the most damaging bill in the legislative history of the US.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson standing behind a bill that will serve to punish conservative opinions

Essentially, it’s a spin on the “Ministry of Truth”, which would lead to the establishment of a commission that will dictate punishment for anyone found to be guilty of violent extremism on a domestic level.

The issue lies in the fact that the left is willing to label just about anything as extremist behavior and opinions; this directly infringes upon our 1st Amendment rights.

The bill was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Bill Ramos, who supported the idea of creating a 13-member commission that would have the authority to rule on these matters.

The commission would also “combat misinformation,” while collecting data on domestic extremism, whatever that would be, which could cause debilitating damage to more than a few conservative figures’ standing.

Even though domestic violent extremism isn’t explicitly described as being part of the bill, Ferguson outlined the general idea of it. He said it would also include noncriminal activity and speech, so long as it’s along the lines of what the left deems to be “extremist” in nature.

Conservatives in danger

Ferguson’s “Domestic Terrorism” study is what spawned the bill. His research on the matter found it’s important to be able to suppress these opinions, even though doing so would go against the 1st Amendment.

On top of this, the aforementioned commission would be able to treat DVE as an issue of public health through the means of the US Department of Health, despite there being only a single member on the committee who would have to be an expert in public health.

Currently, the idea is to undertake preemptive action against these so-called “domestic terrorists” and prevent any potential damage through active community interventions.

This would include forcing people labeled as extremists to attend counseling on the matter, at least according to what we could extract from Ferguson’s interview with PBS that happened in January this year.

However, it’s hard not to notice the left is pushing this bill as something that would address violence, even though it’s crystal clear they’re looking to suppress free speech.

This means if you even dare speak up against something like CRT or the currently popular gender ideology, you could be labeled as a “white supremacist,” even if you’re not affiliated with any groups that are related to such behavior.

Biden already attempted to pull off something similar to this with his “Ministry of Truth” stunt, albeit with no success. He was publicly chastised for it and with good reason, seeing as it would only allow for free speech so long as it’s speech supporting the left’s divisive agenda.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.