Body Positivity Activist Meets Untimely End

In recent years, the emergence of the body positivity movement has taken place. In a nutshell, this movement is about telling people they’re beautiful, healthy, and fine regardless of what their weight looks like.

The body positivity movement has also taken criticism from folks who believe it’s dangerous to society. Individuals with this perspective warn about the well-documented health complications that stem from being obese or overweight.

Unfortunately, when these facts are pointed out, many in the body positivity movement accuse the messenger of body shaming or otherwise being discriminatory.

Now, a well-known activist in the body positivity movement has met her untimely end, according to The Federalist.

The Passing of Jamie Lopez

Jamie Lopez, 37, was a well-known figure in the body positivity movement, who also owned a hair salon in Las Vegas that catered to women of plus size.

Though shortly after being hospitalized due to issues with her heart, Lopez ended up passing away. Her Las Vegas hair salon announced her passing on Instagram, requesting for prayers and time to grieve.

At one point, Lopez weighed over 800 pounds. Though she would go on to lose 400 pounds in order to star in a reality TV show.

Greater Implications for Society

In the wake of Lopez’s death, there have been renewed conversations about the body positivity movement and whether it is having a positive or negative impact on society.

For instance, it’s been pointed out that obesity and heart problems are very well connected to one another. One could reasonably make the case that were Lopez not severely obese, her heart may still be in good condition today and she’d still be alive.

Critics of the body positivity movement have certainly doubled down since the 37-year-old passed away. They’ve warned that encouraging individuals to remain obese or saying there’s nothing wrong with obesity is leading folks off a cliff.

Some have even declared the body positivity movement to be a menace to society that ought to be called out as such.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how the body positivity movement proceeds going forward. There is no denying that Lopez’s death will continue to have an impact on how this movement is perceived.

Individuals who are interesting in reaching or maintaining a healthy weight can engage in activities like a healthy diet and physical exercise. Whether it’s walking or going to a gym, getting the body moving comes with immense health benefits that can prevent obesity.

Do you believe the body positivity movement is a positive or negative force in society? What do you think about the passing of Jamie Lopez at only 37? You’re more than welcome to let us know where you stand down below in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.