Bold Accusations: Trump Enemy Makes BASELESS Claims

White House correspondent of The Grio, April Ryan, revealed she received a bomb in her mailbox for challenging Donald Trump. Ryan claimed right-wing supporters were constantly sending her death threats just because she was doing her job.

Ryan Puts Severe Allegations on Trump Supporters

During Trump’s presidency, Ryan was famous for asking too many political questions of the president and White House staffers. As she was a fierce critic of the Trump administration, she received criticism from both White House press secretaries, as well as from Trump himself.

In her latest interview with WJZ anchor Vic Carter, Ryan claimed she had to endure political violence just because of challenging Trump. According to Ryan, a Trump supporter mailed a bomb to her house, due to her anti-Trump political positions.

However, political reporters are questioning the authenticity of Ryan’s claims. One political editor, Jazz Shaw noted that Ryan did receive many death and bomb threats because of her radical stances, which were investigated by law enforcement agencies.

Shaw continued, had Ryan received an actual bomb in her mailbox, it would have been a national-level headline.

Shaw, who also tried to investigate the news, further added no media outlet reported the mailing of the bomb to Ryan’s house.

In addition to that, Ryan also appeared in a radio show with Jonathan Capehart in 2018, in which she did mention she received bomb threats, but never claimed someone actually mailed a bomb to her house.

During the radio show, Capehart mentioned many Democratic politicians received physical bombs at their doorsteps. Ryan never mentioned in the show that she received any bomb. Instead, Ryan only claimed she was forced to move to a new house, due to the constant bomb threats.

Shockingly, Ryan still appears in mainstream media too often, and still, she never mentioned any incident about receiving a physical bomb in her mailbox.

Ryan Claims Trump Supporters Wanted to Teach Every Reporter a Lesson

Further in the interview, Ryan told Carter she was a journalist, so she was doing her job by reporting about Trump’s presidency.

As freedom of speech is protected under the First Amendment, Ryan added, she had the right to hold opinions about everything, but she was forced to change houses due to constant death threats.

Similarly, Ryan noted the FBI, as well as the bombs squad, visited her house when she received a bomb. Carter also asked Ryan that if many political reporters ask tough questions from Trump, how can she be the sole recipient of the bomb.

Responding to this, Ryan claimed she asks questions that presidents do not want to answer, so Trump supporters wanted to give every reporter a clear message by killing her.

Trump has often lambasted Ryan for her radical left positions.

Once Trump told reporters Ryan was a nasty individual who gets a raise by uselessly criticizing his administration. Furthermore, Trump noted Ryan got a contract with CNN, due to her anti-Trump stance.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.