Border City Won’t Send More Buses of Illegal Immigrants to NYC

Biden’s new border policy started helping blue cities which were suffering from the rising influx of illegal immigrants.

The city of El Paso, which was busing hundreds of migrants to New York City, revealed that it will no longer send illegal immigrants to the blue city.

New York City to Get Major Relief

According to the Deputy City Manager of El Paso, Mario D’Agostino, the city is expected to stop sending buses of illegal immigrants to New York City. The Biden administration has finally announced a policy to curb the illegal flow of immigrants at the southern border.

D’Agostino stated the El Paso administration is looking to treat any further flow of illegal immigrants differently.

Prior to the announcement of the new policy by the Biden administration, El Paso was suffering from Venezuelan migrants in big numbers.

Reportedly, more than 2,100 Venezuelan illegal immigrants were entering the city daily. These numbers urged the El Paso administration to transport aliens to sanctuary destinations.

For the last two weeks, El Paso was constantly sending almost nine to 14 buses of illegal immigrants daily to the Big Apple.

However, when the Biden administration announced it would deport all Venezuelan illegal immigrants back to Mexico, the number of buses from El Paso to New York City almost dropped by half.

Receiving fewer buses would be encouraging news for New York’s liberal Mayor Eric Adams,, who stated the constant influx of immigrants would cost $1 billion to his city.

Republicans Forced Biden to Announce Border Policy

D’Agostino also claimed the number of Venezuelan illegal immigrants in America would drop in the next seven to ten days as law enforcement officials are preparing to deport them to Mexico.

The Biden administration is yet to implement its newly announced policy fully at the southern border, as only some immigrants have been deported until now. It is still unclear what would be the criteria of the administration to expel Venezuelan immigrants.

El Paso is a border city that has an independent bus program to transport illegal immigrants to blue cities.

While NYC Mayor Adams lashed out at the Republican governments for sending migrant buses to his city, most of the illegal immigrants transported to NYC came from El Paso, which is led by a Democratic mayor.

D’Agostino suggested El Paso was sending the illegal immigrants’ buses to other cities only after assessing the facilities of the receiving cities.

Meanwhile, conservative lawmakers and governors established they were transporting illegal immigrants to blue cities to highlight the issue of illegal immigration at the national level.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Political insiders believe Republicans successfully forced Biden to take decisive action at the southern border, which would eventually curb the illegal flow of immigrants into the bordering states.

Last week, the Biden administration revealed it is introducing new criteria for Venezuelan illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Now, only 24,000 Venezuelans will be allowed in America in the new program. Only those Venezuelans who have a sponsor in America will be eligible to apply for immigration.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.