Border Crisis Detailed in Scathing New GOP Report

House Republicans on the Judiciary and Oversight committees have released a new report criticizing both the Biden administration and Democrat legislators for the continuing immigration crisis; this comes as new data show a sustained migrant increase.

The official study, a draft of which has been acquired by Fox News, recounts what conservatives claim are a series of acts that prove the Biden government sparked a tremendous migration catastrophe; it also shows how House Democrats ignored conservatives’ concerns about the cost of our security, welfare, and legal system.

Biden Undid Many Trump Era Border Reforms – Causing the Crisis

After President Trump took serious measures to restrict the tide of migrants into the United States, the Biden government backpedaled on initiatives aimed at preventing crossings.

Biden also instated restrictive laws and incentivized uncontrolled migration via non-legal mediums, according to the study. While the situation unfolds in real-time, liberals appear to have no plan and no intention of intervening to avert the Biden immigration crisis.

The news comes just days before CBP stated on Friday that 188,829 immigrants were apprehended at the southern border, up from 180,034 in May. It also is a significant increase from the 78,442 interactions in January before President Biden entered office.

The figures are substantially higher than in 2020 when only 33,049 migrants were found in June. Although drug arrests decreased, the quantity of the lethal opioid fentanyl surged again, according to the statistics.

With three months remaining in the fiscal year, the number of interactions in FY 2021 has surpassed one million. This compares to a little over 458,000 for the entire fiscal year 2020 and 977,509 for the entire fiscal year 2019.

The Biden administration has attributed underlying causes in Central America such as crime, global warming, and unemployment to a mixture of the Trump government’s activities in tearing down refugee routes. 

During a trip to Guatemala and Mexico, Vice President Kamala Harris presented a variety of steps to fight those core problems, and the government is pressing for a $4 billion capital investment.

Republicans Continue to Put the Blame on Biden and Harris

Conservatives, on the other hand, have rejected the commission’s root cause elaboration as a diversion for negligence. Instead, Republicans are pointing to Biden’s repeal of Trump-era policy initiatives that managed to keep asylum seekers out of the US, like the Migrant Protection Procedures and Asylum Collaborative Agreements with Northern Triangle nations.

The report attributes the reduction in prosecutions and expulsions to a number of factors. These factors include the end of border fence development, the choice not to expel migrant minors with Title 42 public health safeguards, and the limiting of internal Customs and Border Protection objectives.

According to the research, the border situation is multifaceted. It highlights a security issue caused by the large variety of criminal immigrants captured, especially sexual predators and terrorist suspects.

It warned of a public health problem if COVID-19 is allowed to become law, especially if Title 42 is even further pulled down. Third comes a social problem involving an influx of child migrants; the Biden government has been attempting to process migrants via institutions and into sponsorship already residing in the United States.