Border Patrol Defies Texas Guard to Let Illegals Enter America

(Social media video snapshot)

New video footage has emerged, showing Border Patrol officers of the federal Customs and Border Patrol agency letting through illegal immigrants who have been kept out by the Texas National Guard.

This is apparently part of the policy of President Joe “Open Border” Biden, which allows third-world people to waltz into the country and just settle anywhere at will.

Four Million Illegals in Less Than Two Years

The seemingly deliberate unwillingness of the Biden administration to stop the invasion of the US via the southern border led border states, such as Texas and Arizona, to try to take measures of their own.

Thus, Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott has been busing illegal immigrants to the nation’s most high-profile Democrat-run communities, such as Washington, DC and New York City.

Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey moved to erect makeshift barriers in order to plug gaps in the border wall. The wall’s construction began during President Trump’s tenure, but remained unfinished because of Joe Biden’s policies.

For the time being, any state-level measures have too limited of an impact in order to affect the influx of illegal immigrants in any tangible manner.

(Social media video snapshot)


A new video showing the Texas National Guard trying to block illegals from entering the country, while Border Patrol agents show up and allow everybody to waltz into America, caused widespread indignation.

This is including on the part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The footage shows fenced-off private property right on the southern border in Texas. The gate of the property is locked up, reportedly by the Texas National Guard, with about a couple of dozens of illegal immigrants waiting on the outside.

Then, several heavily armed agents of the US Border Patrol show up, get out a key, simply unlock the gate, and let the illegal immigrants in before locking up and leaving.

In the meanwhile, the Texas National Guard stood by helplessly, observing how Border Patrol allowed the illegals to invade the United States and even helped them.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted the video and the recorded actions of the US Border Patrol agents as “unbelievable.”

He bemoaned the apparent fact that Texas is securing America’s southern border, but the federal government run by the woke Democrats is “enabling illegal immigration.”

Abbott directly accused President Joe Biden of “causing this crisis.”

The video of the Border Patrol’s abetting of illegal immigration emerged just as the administration of New York City Mayor Eric Adams started to rent vast luxury hotels in Manhattan to house thousands of illegal immigrants.

This comes after Abbott has been busing them to the heart of the Big Apple.

On Wednesday, the NYC Department of Social Services announced it is renting another 5,000 hotel rooms for the sole purpose of hosting illegals at the expense of the city’s budget.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.