Boston Children’s Hospital Has Damaging Gender Theory

The Boston Children’s Hospital produced a number of films about transgender kids that are currently making the rounds online.

They unintentionally shed light on how detrimental the transgender healthcare agenda is for children, as well as how irrational transgender campaigners may be.

In two of the clips, the subjects state they knew their gender identity before they were born. The hospital is proud of the fact it often treats transgender children as early as two or three years old.

At that time, the youngsters meet with a therapist who guides them through the process of social gender change.

Distressed parents are then told commencing an irreversible treatment based on the words of a two-year-old is simply being “supportive.” The process in question might have fatal consequences.

Social Construct?

When they are born or while they are still in the womb, how do infants realize they were assigned the incorrect gender? This is not quite obvious. In point of fact, it’s really difficult to conceptualize what exactly that means.

However, it seems they do have measurements for when they are somewhere between two and three.

The hospital believes if a child does not want to have a haircut or plays with toys that are considered to be of the “opposite gender,” this can only signify the child is transgender and has to start the process of gender transformation.

In addition to the enormous jump in reasoning required, this makes no sense when seen through the lens of the rationale that transgender rights advocates have advocated for.

If gender is a social construct, then the concept that toys should be categorized according to gender is likewise a social construction. 

If the notion that only females should play with dolls, for example, is an outmoded societal construct, then how can a guy who plays with a doll demonstrate he is indeed a girl and should start the process of transitioning to a female identity?

Tolerance and Acceptance??

This is not a philosophical or intellectual activity of any kind.

This is the inconsistent nature of the argument that psychologists and doctors are using to drive children down the path of permanent and destructive therapies, such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and, eventually, surgery. 

According to its website, the Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital is “the first center of its sort in the United States in a large pediatric hospital environment.”

This is one of the claims made by the facility. The idea behind it is children should be able to pick their gender because they are already aware they were assigned the incorrect gender before they were even born.

Professionals in the fields of medicine and mental health are encouraging youngsters to pursue this course of action. They are attempting to persuade worried parents this is what tolerance and acceptance look like.

The cases for medical malpractice cannot be filed fast enough.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.