Breaking: Argentinian Invasion of Falklands Imminent

Argentina’s socialist state joined a number of other underdeveloped countries in denouncing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This happened over Pelosi touring Taiwan and openly announcing its commitment to communist China on Sunday.

A new alliance

About six months have passed since socialist President Alberto Fernández paid a visit to Beijing and lay a wreath in memory of communist mass killer Mao Zedong.

Soon thereafter, Fernández enlisted in China’s economic colonization project, the “Belt and Road Project” (BRI).

Even though the communist dictatorship never governed over the island republic of Taiwan, a sovereign state with a functioning democratic system, the Chinese Communist Party incorrectly refers to it as a “provincial” of China.

According to Beijing’s “One China policy,” nations must deny Taiwan’s status as a country in order to maintain diplomatic relations with China.

The United States does not acknowledge Taiwan as a nation in order to preserve relations with China. Pelosi frequently said during her trip this past week that she does not acknowledge Taiwan’s independence.

Sunday, nearly a week since Pelosi left Taiwan, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, the Argentine envoy to China, referred to the visit as an “issue for the entire international community” and voiced support for the “one-China concept.”

This is the official term for inaccurately classifying Taiwan as a Chinese province.

According to Vaca Narvaja, Argentina is in the same class as North Korea, Cuba, Sri Lanka, and other developing nations that criticize Pelosi, while having no significant influence on China-U.S. or China-Taiwan ties.

On Sunday, Vaca Narvaja spoke with the government-run China Global Television Network (CGTN). ​​

The envoy asserted, “We are confident this trip has been a temptation for China and an issue for the entire global community.”

“For this reason, we want to denounce this trip and join the concerns of Latin America as well as the voices of the UN.”

They are confused

The Argentine envoy criticized “nations that battle for the concept of territorial sovereignty in Ukraine.”

They also do not endorse China’s one-China concept with regard to Taiwan in the same discussion, citing Argentina’s assertion of the British Falkland Islands as just another instance.

China claims to support Argentina’s claim to the Islands.

On Sunday, the Telam government media outlet in Argentina received a statement from Ambassador Vaca Narvaja.

He said the following:

“As our Foreign Ministry stated in all international fora and institutions, Argentina respects the concept of One China and the notion of territorial sovereignty. China concurs with our assertion of authority over the Falkland Islands on the same basis.”

The South American territory known as the Falkland Islands, which Argentina claims to be its own under the Spanish name Islas Malvinas, is a portion of British territory.

General Leopoldo Galtieri’s regime in Argentina attacked and captured the islands in 1982. After a 74-day conflict that ended with Argentina’s capitulation to the United Kingdom, the British government, through Margaret Thatcher, dispatched an amphibious assault.

More than 90% of the island’s residents choose to stay under British territory in 2013.