Breaking: Dead Body Found in Home of Missing Original Mouseketeer

Law enforcement officers recently found the body of 76-year-year old Dennis Day. Before his death, Day was one of the initial cast members on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Day was also missing for the last eight months before police officers found his body.

Everything You Need to Know

While law enforcement officers are sure that the body they discovered is that of Dennis Day, official confirmation has yet to come. This is very important to note, as there is a small possibility that the body they discovered is of another individual. Thus far, authorities in Pheonix, Oregon need to determine whether or law enforcement found the correct body.

Ernie Caswell, Day’s husband, reported him as missing in 2008. The report came as Day and Caswell were married since 2009, although together for nearly four decades. Sadly, Caswell has his own health complications. At this time, he is currently battling memory loss and colon cancer. One can only imagine that Day’s status as missing and possibly deceased does not make anything easier for Caswell.

Additional Details

Due to Caswell’s aforementioned issues with his memory and cancer, he couldn’t inform Day’s relative that he was missing. However, Day’s family was able to ascertain his missing status after months had passed with no contact from him, coupled with seeing a story about him in the press.

Since Day’s family has concerns about how authorities were handling his missing persons’ case, they set up a “Help Us Find Dennis Day!” Facebook group.

Medford, Oregon officials are currently determining whether or not the dead body found is, in fact, that of Dennis Day’s.

If the body turns out not to be Day’s, then it is likely that he will still be classified as a missing person.

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