BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Savagely Attacked With a Hammer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband is a man by the name of Paul Pelosi. He’s been in the news a fair bit recently, months ago for accusations of profiting from insider trading on the stock market and more recently for drunk driving.

Now, breaking news is out that Paul Pelosi has been attacked by a hammer-wielding male at his San Francisco home.

Reports of Hammer Attack

In the early hours of Friday, Oct. 28, Paul Pelosi was accosted by a man wielding a hammer.

Paul, 82, was then attacked by this individual, suffering injuries. At the time of this savage assault, his wife Nancy was in DC. Police say they are still investigating why Paul was attacked.

For his part, Paul was rushed to hospital and is getting “excellent care” and reportedly going to be fine. The attacker was arrested and the Pelosis thanked first responders, including ambulance and police for their assistance.

What’s the Motive?

The Pelosis have tight security around their home, raising some questions about how this kind of attack could happen and what might have motivated it.

Some commentators on the right have been speculating it is a false flag or a lead-up to a surprise for the election in order to swing things in the Democrats’ direction.

Other commentators on the left say this is the inevitable result of right wing “extremism” and the America First movement.

Some have speculated this may have very little to do with politics and could just be a meth addict or mentally ill individual who wandered into a rich part of San Francisco, looking for a home to pillage.

The Pelosi family asked for “privacy” as Paul recovers in the hospital, A lot of details are still very unclear, but what we do know is many things in the story remain to be uncovered as we go forward.

Paul’s Difficult Year

Paul Pelosi is a venture capitalist and real estate consultant who went to Georgetown, Harvard, along with NYU.

He’s a successful man who’s done very well for himself, particularly in the last several years when he banked in on several very big stocks that were affected by government contracts.

Paul Pelosi appeared to be trading ahead of big decisions made in Congress, which his wife had knowledge of beforehand. Yet, no proof of insider trading was ever found or led to charges/implementation of The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.

Then, in May, Paul drunkenly smashed his vehicle into someone in wine country of northern California and was given five days in jail and three years probation.

Now, he’s been allegedly been attacked by a hammer-wielding man. It is safe to say that this is not Paul’s best year.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.