Breaking – New Audit Results in Arizona Show Massive Potential Fraud

In a conference on Thursday, the director of the business performing the full examination of Maricopa County’s November 2020 electoral results revealed shocking details; they informed Arizona State Legislature President Karen Fann that the audit found no clear record of 74,243 mail-in votes being submitted throughout the 2020 election.

There are 74,243 mail-in votes in which there is no complete record of delivery. To be explicit, there are E.V. 32s & E.V. 33s in the jurisdiction of Arizona. The purpose of E.V. 32s is to keep track of when a mail-in vote is being sent.

Doug Logan, CEO of CyberNinjas, stated at the inquiry that E.V. 33 is guaranteed to take the track as to when the mail-in vote is acquired. He went on to say the following:

74,000 Have No Evidence of Ever Being Sent

E.V. 32s will be sent out in greater numbers than they are collected. We can precisely link these to a single person to whom they were mailed; moreover, we have 74,000 that have been returned from people for whom we have no strong indication that they were ever sent.

It’s possible that anything went wrong with the paperwork. A clerical error has occurred. There aren’t any proper items there, but I believe that with 74,000 people, it’s worth investigating and verifying some of this data.

Retired Arizona Sec of State Ken Bennett, who also served as the formal liaison for the Arizona State Legislature Investigation, spoke as well, according to Just The News: Senate Liaison Ken Bennett detailed the method through which election officials repeat a ballot during a government hearing on Thursday.

If a vote is damaged and must be duplicated, the state elections procedural handbook outlines a detailed method, he said. Corresponding serial numbers are applied to both initial and replicated ballots in this procedure.

The goal of the investigation of Maricopa County’s 2020 electoral results, according to Arizona State Legislature President Karen Fann, was to discover illegal voting flaws so that Arizona citizens may have faith that upcoming votes would just be open and democratic.

Logan and Bennett started the meeting by explaining the audit process, assuring everyone in attendance that they were up to par.

The Full Report Is Coming Soon

Fann concluded the session by underlining that the evidence was only an internal review of the forensics audit findings and that a full report would be issued soon.

She stated that the full report was hampered by the Maricopa County Council and local officials’ ongoing lack of communication with the investigation.

President Joe Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes in the Electoral College by a razor-thin majority of the less than 11,000 ballots from three million in the November 2020 presidential election.

Maricopa County, which would be the target of the present detailed investigation, received the majority of Arizona’s votes. Democrats and the mainstream media have been vocal in their resistance to the detailed investigation.