BREAKING: Twitter Has Been Working For the FBI

The release of the Twitter Files has exposed just how dirty the social media giant was under its past corporate leadership.

Former CEOs Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal led a company that censored conservatives, banned a sitting president, and conspired to shut down free speech online.

It’s not only that: they actively worked with spies and the FBI to track and censor Americans. These latest revelations will have your head spinning.

Twitter and the FBI: Working Hand-in-Hand

Journalist Matt Taibbi has published many of the Twitter Files, along with reporter Bari Weiss. Both are Independent and can tell the truth for that reason.

Taibbi’s revelations today show Twitter worked with the FBI, with the federal law enforcement agency sending Twitter a list of accounts to ban, including accounts with almost no followers.

So this is what taxpayer money is being spent on? Agents looking through lists of frog accounts with five followers and sending them to Twitter HQ?

Former head of Trust and Safety at Twitter Yoel Roth spoke about having meetings with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI in other files that Taibbi uncovered and internal office chats.

More To Come

More files will be released in the coming days from Weiss, as well as journalist Michael Shellenberger on related topics.

How is it that in America we have the FBI telling private companies who to ban because they don’t like their speech?

Committing a crime online is one thing, but posting jokes the FBI doesn’t like should not be grounds for having your account removed by any means.

The FBI was also involved in getting the Hunter Biden laptop story pulled after telling Twitter falsely that it was misinformation or “might” be.

This is agreed by many experts to have been a factor in Biden winning the 2020 election and, at the very least, suppressing the New York Post’s story was a form of censorship and extreme political bias on the part of Twitter.

The FBI Responds

The FBI is responding to Taibbi’s latest revelations by saying that its interaction with Twitter and the “private sector” to try to stop foreign “malign” influences from interfering in matters that can break US law.

Due to how much is classified, this basically means the FBI can do whatever it wants.

After all, who’s going to follow up and check if they were actually pursuing real threats or just interfering in the election?

We’ve already seen how they were willing to raid Mar-a-Lago under false pretexts; so it’s easy to imagine how much more could be going on on social media and online under lame excuses.

The Bottom Line

As Ohio Senator Michael Rulli tweeted, no social media platform should be a tool or branch of federal law enforcement or a federal agency.

It’s as simple as that!

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.