BREAKING: VP Kamala Harris Has Car Accident

Vice President Kamala Harris was entangled in a car accident on Monday, October 3. The news is now breaking about the details of what happened, despite the reports being soft-pedaled and buried.

It now turns out the car that was driving Harris to the White House experienced problems and crashed into the side of a tunnel near Foggy Bottom in DC.

The accident occurred around 10:30 a.m. on Monday; the director of the Secret Service was also reportedly present at the time of the incident.

What Happened?

Harris was unharmed in the incident on Monday, but it was a serious crash. The agent driving her vehicle apparently lost control and crashed suddenly into the side of the tunnel.

The crash was so strong, it was necessary to change the wheel of the car. In addition, the whole team had to stop, leaving them vulnerable to any kind of attack or incursion.

This accident brought back up real concerns about security at this White House, which seems to be on a constant rerun of amateur hour in how they treat presidential security.

Shortly after the incident, Harris was quickly escorted into another vehicle and got back en route to the White House, but the moments of her being in a broken down car somewhere in Foggy Bottom are not exactly a masterclass in presidential security.

Harris was looked at by the medical team once arriving at the White House and found not to have suffered any injury in the accident.

A ‘Mechanical Failure’

The whole situation brings up serious concerns about presidential security.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said this was nothing but a “mechanical failure.” Secret Service head Kim Cheatle said she hadn’t been properly informed of what was going on.

The images of the incident eventually went viral, taken by someone who was in a building with a good view of Virginia Avenue and the drama going on below.

According to internal White House staff, there was also a miscommunication on the part of the entire security team leading to this incident and the delays that occurred.

This kind of incident raises worries about what is going on with the Secret Service and its role in protecting administration members.

Security needs to be taken very seriously in order to avoid even worse incidents in the future. Calling them “mechanical failures” and trying to cover up what happened won’t protect anyone or improve the situation at all.

Such incidents must be assessed honestly and investigated as to why they occurred in the first place. We must know why the vehicle was having this issue or hadn’t been properly maintained or checked prior to usage.

The Bottom Line

In order to keep VP Harris entirely safe, perhaps she should no longer leave her residence and should take a break from the job for the remainder of this term. Just a thought.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.