Britain Follows China’s Lead with Social Credit System

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to establish a social personal credit application in the style of communist countries; this system will credit households for making state-approved grocery store selections.

Socialism in the United Kingdom

By the conclusion of the year, the allegedly conservative administration will develop an app to track individuals’ grocery buying patterns in the United Kingdom. Those that eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits and work out will earn reward points in the application, which can be exchanged for rebates and other rewards.

According to a White Hall insider, there is an entire team in Downing Street focusing on this; the Prime Minister has been on such a strict diet and workout regimen, and he’ll almost certainly be at the forefront of this entire campaign.

Lord Stevens, the departing director of the NHS, predicted that the UK’s socialized health service will be burdened in the near future if the administration failed to address the nation’s growing obesity rate.

The full extent of the program extends to aspects that are clearly outside the absolute authority of a healthcare system, such as the obesity-promoting food culture to which children and disadvantaged populations are subjected.

Lord Stevens pointed out that countries with more than half of the population being obese have ten times the number of COVID deaths. Some have criticized the administration’s nanny state mindset, comparing the scheme to Chinese current credit rating.

The system analyzes residents’ spending patterns, assigning good points for purchases such as diapers and subtracting points for purchases such as liquor. As a result of the socialist program, tens of millions of residents have been denied travel because their scores were too low.

In reaction to the concept of tracking grocery purchasing, political analyst Calvin Robinson commented that the party of limited government and liberty became the movement of nanny state interventionism. Shame on you.

The Conservative Party is in desperate need of new management

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who blames his bodyweight for his health problems after contracting the coronavirus the year before, has recently changed his mind about governmental incursions into personal concerns.

Johnson vowed a reassessment of sin hidden taxes and a stop to the nanny state’s ongoing encroachment when he ran for the Tory Governing Party two years ago. It’s past time to examine the nanny state’s continued expansion and the damage it has on struggling households across the United Kingdom.

Notwithstanding his claimed libertarian views, Mr. Johnson has ruled in a significantly more leadership-like approach; this happened most notably during the Chinese coronavirus epidemic when he supported some of the world’s tightest COVID restrictions.

Earlier last month, the government stated that marketing of high-fat, high-sugar, and high-salt foods (HFSS) on televisions and the internet before 9 p.m. (when youngsters are most likely to view them) will be prohibited.