Britain on the Verge of Social Collapse Over Mass Immigration

According to a study by Migration Watch UK, massive immigration to the UK has led to huge ethnic upheavals, which might contribute to a collapse in social cohesiveness.

Where are the Migrants Coming From?

The Migration Watch research group discovered that 62% of the foreign-born inhabitants were born beyond the European Union, especially in comparison to just over a 3rd (38%) from European nations.

This comes in a follow-up to the important report published last month that discovered the foreign-born citizenry has risen to nine million, as well as the minority group citizenry, has risen to thirteen million over the past 20 years.

Almost half (4.3 million) of the 9.2 million foreign-born inhabitants in the UK (90 percent of whom live in England) originated from Asia and Africa, in contrast against just over a third (3 to 4 million) from European nations.

According to the survey, 1.8 million people came from South Asia and 1.3 million from Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately half of those from the European Union came from Eastern European countries.

The Capitol – London, the West Midlands, North Western parts of England – has witnessed the most demographic shifts, with London’s population growing by about two million from 2001, according to Migration Monitoring.

Traffic, accommodation, ecological difficulties, and overpopulation have all been experienced in the South East and East of England as a result of major immigration. Over the same time frame, the demographic of the South East has grown by 1.2 million, while the populace of the East of England has grown by 900,000.

Immigrants Drain the State, Rather Than Contribute

Although the majority of migrants arriving in the UK are of pensionable age, the magnitude of migration has come with a financial cost as well, according to the research. According to estimations, the net cost of immigration in 2014/15 and 2016/17 has been between £4 billion and £13 billion per year. According to the think tank, the gap in the statistics is due to assumptions made by the authors.

According to Migration Monitor, one of the most common ways for migrants to integrate is through full-time work. Nevertheless, more than six million of the nine million foreign-born inhabitants of the UK in 2019/20 said they arrived in the country for purposes other than full-time work, such as to claim benefits, go to college, or join family members.

Many immigrants would later enter the workforce, with approximately six million non-UK-born citizens working in the Kingdom last year. This study reveals the massive size and diversity of the immigrant population already residing in Britain, Migration Watch UK head Alp Mehmet told Breitbart London.

It is a monumental task to integrate millions of newcomers into their culture. Reducing the current enormous inflow is now very necessary. Despite this, the administration has opened the doors to their labor market.

Although many of the massive immigration programs were enacted 20 years ago by left-wing Labour administrations, the Conservative Government, which has been in office for more than 11 years, has so far been unable to seriously curb immigration despite public desire.