British Comedian Takes a Stab at Woke Culture

The UK has recently taken quite the stand against the woke agenda. It’s reflected in their stand-up comedy scene as well, as Konstantin Kisin, a Russian-British comedian delivered a moving speech against “woke culture.”

His stance on current developments in the fairytale land of pronouns and made-up genders earned him a standing ovation from the crowd; the video has already been viewed over two million times in just two days.

Comedian receives standing ovation for showing negative aspects of the woke mindset

He argued woke culture had gone too far, ruining the motivation of young people to improve and innovate their way to greatness, instead forcing them into the same politically correct mold as everyone else.

Kisin added those willing to have a rational argument and those who are woke don’t generally overlap; even when they do, they’re extremely hard to find.

This is likely due to wokeness having a major flaw, that being that it forces people to believe their feelings matter more than what’s actually true; it’s part of why we’re experiencing this outbreak of special snowflakes here in the US.

He then pointed at the woke agenda having climate change as their number one priority, and how backward of an approach that is, seeing as the countries where the woke crap works don’t generally contribute to climate change all that much.

The numbers don’t add up

In fact, if the UK were to sink into the Atlantic right now, the world’s carbon emissions would only drop by around 2%. This is nowhere near enough to actually prevent climate change from affecting the rest of the world.

The issue lies in the fact that it’s the poorer regions of the world, such as Asia and Latin America, that are major polluters. However, they don’t have the strength to worry about being eco-friendly, considering they can barely provide a meal for their families every day.

How can 120 million malnourished people from China possibly treat climate change as a priority if they’re not even getting enough food to make it through the month, all the while slaving away to make the phones the snowflakes use to promote wokeness?

The only thing being woke has done to these young minds is convince them they’re the victim in all of this; it’s certainly possible to believe that if you block out the rest of the world.

Complaining and protesting about trivial matters while the world deals with serious issues on a daily basis is the core of the issue; it’s why so many people are disgusted with the agenda the left is pushing.

Somehow, it just doesn’t feel right, or at the very least, normal, to throw canned soup at a painting as a way of protesting against oil companies.

It makes even less sense considering the movement these “protestors” were from is funded by none other than Aileen Getty, whose entire fortune is based on her grandfather John Paul Getty’s oil empire.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.