British Parliament Recalled Over Afghanistan Disaster

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to call a special session of Parliament to discuss the Afghanistan situation, which was dubbed the largest foreign policy disaster “since Suez.”

Boris Johnson will bring lawmakers back from the summer holiday for at least a day during this week to discuss the situation in Afghanistan; this comes after Taliban militants gained control of major cities across Afghanistan and invaded Kabul on Sunday morning.

In the week, the Prime Minister is scheduled to call a special session of Parliament to debate the crisis in Afghanistan. According to an insider at No 10 Downing Street, the time will be verified with the Speaker of the House.

How will the UK Respond?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer advocated for the recall of the House of Commons.

The hardline Islamist Taliban organization has descended on Kabul, following the catastrophic departure of American and British forces from the nation. This follows after 20 years of conflict, despite the presence of US and UK personnel within the city.

Despite billions of dollars spent training and arming the Afghan army, Taliban fighters that are under-equipped and militarily inferior have walked over them all across the nation.

Tom Tugendhat, the head of the Conservative Party’s Subcommittee, called the departure of British forces the largest single debacle of international relations since Suez.  This is an allusion to the embarrassing 1965 failure of British and allied forces in Egypt to recover the Suez Canal.

America and its Leadership is to Blame

The Tory MP went on to explain that Washington now has complete control over Britain’s international relations. Tugendhat, who fought in Afghanistan, described the decision to abandon as pulling the rug out from under our allies’ feet.

There is no air support, and all of the maintenance staff that were previously able to service their gear thanks to US subcontractors have now gone.

That implies the battle-winning technique we taught the Afghans to utilize is no longer effective. Billions of dollars in assets have been squandered. We’re seeing a rout instead of a long-term, steadily establishing peace, he bemoaned.

Tobias Ellwood, the chairman of the House of Commons Defence Committee and a veteran cabinet minister, agreed: MPs must be summoned back to vote (and be said to deliberate) on if we will desert the Afghan government and allow the new sanctuary for terrorists. It’s a measure of what it takes to be a part of Global Britain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has attempted to justify the United Kingdom’s role in the two-decade-long confrontation.

He declared that Britain ought to be incredibly proud of how it has performed in Afghanistan, particularly the schooling supplied to adolescent females who will almost certainly now live underneath the thumb of an Islamist Taliban government.