California Doubles Down on Being An Abortion-Provider State

In June of last year, the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark abortion ruling Roe v. Wade. The Roe v. Wade decision established the right to end a pregnancy as a federal law.

Overturning it put the matter of abortion back to the states. Many red states have restricted or banned most forms of abortion, but other blue states, such as California, have done the opposite.

In fact, California is in the process of passing more and more laws to become an “abortion haven” for women from other states. Here’s the agenda from California’s authoritarian leftist Governor Gavin Newsom and his state Democrats.

Doubling Down on Abortion

On Monday, the LA Times reported on 17 new legislative proposals from Democrats in California that will strengthen the state’s place as an “abortion haven.”

Democratic supporters of the bill like State Senator Nancy Skinner call it a “great package” of laws that will protect “reproductive justice” in California. “Reproductive justice” is a cultural Marxist term that refers to ending the life of unborn babies.

The Legislative Women’s Caucus of the California state government made a press release about the new proposed laws.

They come on the heels of Newsom signing dozens of bills in 2022 that protected the legal right to an abortion for almost any reason of women seeking them in the state of California.

Newsom made it very clear that he is fanatical on this issue, including cutting ties with Walgreens’ pharmacy inside his state when it followed the law in other states by not selling abortion pills.

Protecting Abortion on Demand

In November of last year, California also passed Proposition 1, which made abortion-on-demand part of the California state constitution.

As the Democrats said, this bolstered the state’s “abortion infrastructure” for residents and for women coming in from out of state to have abortions.

The slate of new bills on the table further makes it easier for out-of-staters. It makes abortion the law of the land in California for almost any reason. It isn’t just about allowing abortion, either. California wants to promote it.

The new bills include AB 598, which requires all California public schools to give a quiz to students starting in grades 7 to 12 that tells them the specifics of how to end a pregnancy and get an abortion in each stage of pregnancy.

Bill AB 710 puts public funds towards warning about the dangers of pregnancy resource centers and pro-life beliefs.

Bill AB 571 forces medical malpractice insurance to pay for abortions. AB 1432 makes health insurance providers pay for abortions inside California, even if it’s against their overall policy outside the state.

This is sick, sick stuff and it’s being loudly cheered on by the left. These bills aren’t law yet, but they could become law soon.

The Bottom Line

Conservatives should not underestimate Gavin Newsom. He is a vicious, corrupt, and extremely intelligent operator who stands a good chance of becoming POTUS.

His cynical pursuit of the “abortion vote” is only one of many examples of how far he is willing to go to obtain power.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.