California Sees Decline in New Coronavirus Cases

"Stanford Obama and No on 4/8 Rally" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Alan Joyce

As the United States continues to deal with COVID-19, California is at the forefront of conversations and observations.

The Golden State was the first in the nation to implement a shelter-in-place order. This order would subsequently lead to millions of California residents losing their jobs, healthcare insurance, and financial stability.


The leadership of Gavin Newsom, governor of California, also continues to come under scrutiny. Last week, Americans learned of the back taxes Newsom owes along with his decision to maintain operations of his personal winery while ordering others across the state to shut down.

Churches in the Golden State are furthermore openly defying the governor’s orders to not sing, chant, or worship. However, this has not stopped a reported decline in new COVID-19 cases, reports Breitbart News.

What to Know About the Drop in New Coronavirus Cases

California’s collective percentage of positive COVID-19 cases has dropped from 8% to 6.1% within the past few weeks. When sharing this information yesterday, Governor Newsom stated that the decline is still “not where it needs to be,” although, he also praised the downward trend.

Over the past two weeks, hospitalizations for coronavirus cases have also plummeted, coming down from a previous 50% surge. Of course, the California governor cited new lockdown measures and the forcible shutdown of businesses as the factors of the aforementioned declines.

The California governor continues urging state residents to wear masks, especially on social media. Newsom’s office has also put out messages on social media, stating that Californians should wear face coverings “everywhere [they] go.”

Since implementing new shutdowns for the Golden State, the governor has yet to inform when these restrictions will be lifted.

A Threat to Herd Immunity?

As political leaders cite lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing as the tools to fight coronavirus, some Americans have concerns about the longterm impacts of these decisions.

To be precise, some people across the nation have questioned whether or not staying indoors, away from others, and covered with masks will actually interfere with herd immunity to coronavirus. This is especially important since vaccine developers have already stated that masks and social distancing won’t magically disappear once a vaccine arrives.

Thus far, political leaders and health “experts” have yet to weigh in on whether their promoted precautions are sabotaging herd immunity to coronavirus.

Are you surprised to learn about California’s drop in new positive COVID-19 cases? Do you believe herd immunity will be important to defeat coronavirus? Let us know down below in the comments section.