Calls For Joe Biden to Take a Cognitive Test Rise After Recent Blunder

A number of Republican senators voiced their worries about President Biden’s most recent faux pas. He seemed to do a shout-out for deceased GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski, while simultaneously searching for her in a gathering.

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Biden Forgets Congresswoman Passed

After Biden’s mistake, a short video memorial to the late Republican congresswoman was played as planned.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stated to Fox News Digital that Biden’s lack of fitness is so clear even the White House can’t hide it.

Longtime presidential doctor and fellow Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson once more urged Biden to take “a cognitive exam.”

North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy said Biden’s gaffes have become a common occurrence for the White House.

Following Biden’s error, the chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, Kyle Hupfer, issued a statement, saying it “calls too many things into consideration.”

President Joe Biden’s failure to remember the tragic death of Rep. Jackie Walorski cannot be justified by any degree of White House spin, according to Hupfer.

White House Covers Up

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates responded to a request for comment by choosing, according to Fox News Digital, to rattle off what he views as a list of the president’s accomplishments in office.

This has been widely slammed as an effort by the White House deputy press secretary to deflect from the clear error Biden made before the United States of America.

Previously to Wednesday’s slip-up, the president had lamented the late Walorski, which forced the White House to defend itself and retract another remark.

When questioned about the president’s long history of stating things his employees later rectified, White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson told Fox News that Biden tends to speak candidly and “from the shoulder,” whatever that means.

The White House made its remarks after press secretary Jean-Pierre had trouble covering up the president’s most recent error.

Biden “was recognizing the legislative advocates on this topic and then remembering her amazing effort,” according to Jean-Pierre, after the unusual incident.

In a text message to his psychiatrist from his own laptop, Hunter Biden too made fun of his father’s mental state. At the beginning of 2019, Hunter Biden was texting his pal and therapist Keith Ablow a few weeks before Joe Biden announced his presidential bid.

The book makes clear that he said, “When Ablow and Hunter were talking about Democratic presidential contenders, your father is the solution.”

Later, he went on to mockingly quote himself as saying the following, “Any man who can defeat dementia is a hero. Consider what he could do for the much-needed restoration of our country.”

Hunter Biden responded, “You’re such an a—hole, but that caused me to laugh aloud.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.