Canada Brutally Cracks Down on Freedom Truckers

On Thursday, Ottawa authorities increased their presence in the city center of the nation’s capital as they prepare to evict the Freedom Convoy protestors who sat in peaceful protests for nearly three weeks.

The Police are Getting More Forceful

For the second time in a row, law enforcement issued written warnings to protestors, urging them to “leave the area instantly” and warning of arrest on a charge of “misbehavior.”

Police also created a “security perimeter” around Parliament Hill, with checkpoints rigging the demonstration area to prevent anyone without a valid reason from approaching. A new security fence was also erected around Parliament by the police.

Activists camping out within the protected area were mostly ignored by police. On Thursday, though, police moved in to make many arrests.

Chris Barber, one of the protest’s organizers, was handcuffed during one of the raids. As per David Paisley, who oversees supplies and operations for the drivers, two more arrests were of people who did not appear to be linked with the protest’s core team of organizers and trucking companies.

As per The Washington Examiner, for the first time, because the demonstration began in late January, the number of officers in the city center looked to outnumber the number of protestors.

Paisley told The Daily Wire the amount of law enforcement officers who showed up for the petition’s first weekend was nowhere near the amount that turned up for the protest’s third weekend.

The Emergency Act

On Monday, Justin Trudeau used the Emergency Act for the first time since it was passed in 1988, declaring it a “last measure” to deal with the Freedom Convoy demonstrators’ “illegal barricades.”

On Thursday, Trudeau stood in the Commons to defend himself against his critics and explain his use of the act.

According to the Examiner, Trudeau remarked, “We recognize that everyone is tired of this epidemic. We comprehend Canadians’ dissatisfaction with [COVID-19].”

“Some demonstrators traveled to Ottawa to voice their dissatisfaction with public health policies. That is their legal right. In this free and democratic country, it is a right that we will safeguard.”

“The illegal roadblocks and occupations, on the other hand, are not peaceful demonstrations. They have to put an end to it.”

Opposition MPs in Parliament, as well as state governors in various provinces, have chastised Trudeau for turning to the act, which opponents believe was unwarranted, especially given the Trudeau government’s failure to engage with protest leaders in dialogue.

Instead, Trudeau has slammed the demonstrators, accusing them of radicalism and white nationalism.

Despite warnings from Trudeau and the police, a small core of dozens of demonstrators have held their ground. Many of them are willing to be arrested in order to further their cause.