Canada’s Far Left Leader is in Deep Trouble

Justin Trudeau will suffer if Canadians choose a minority government this next week, whether Liberal or Right-wing. The Prime Minister of the Liberal Party took a chance on an election he didn’t have to call.

If indeed the Conservatives succeed, Trudeau will be dealt the biggest possible blow. Also, even if the Liberals win, he’ll be chastised for Canadians playing his game.

His Plan Doesn’t Seem to be Working

For Trudeau (whose strategic agenda was to convert a double-digit advantage in pre-election surveys into a comfortable majority) it’s a Mr. Magoo scenario.

Early on, that lead was shattered. Yet, in the final days of a 36-day race that concludes Monday, Trudeau is locked in a tight contest with Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole.

After running in the shadows of the SNC-Lavalin and ethical scandals, Trudeau narrowly won the 2019 election with a reduced minority. The allegations that he wore discriminatory clothing decades ago didn’t help his reputation as a progressive voice, however.

Former President Barack Obama posted a political pledge in the final stretch then and now. Trudeau really shouldn’t have sought assistance in 2021, especially after steering Canada during the worst of the COVID epidemic.

It’s Not All Over Yet

It’s too soon to dismiss Trudeau (according to a Liberal party source) since the same employees who worked with him during the past election are on his campaign staff for this election.

Being on top, being on the bottom, being behind, and having the operation not go as planned sounds eerily similar to 2019 for Trudeau.

Still, Trudeau’s argument the referendum should be held now (two years sooner and in the middle of an epidemic) has been questioned several times.

His detractors have slammed the effort as a show of support for the prime minister’s vanity, rather than a competent administration.

Trudeau’s positive trends began to shift as soon as the election was declared in mid-August; this was also the very day Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul fell, according to Éric Grenier, writer of The Writ.

People’s voting patterns are unlikely to change just because of the election cycle date, according to Grenier. However, he believes people’s perceptions of Trudeau’s identity in calling an election could impact how they vote.

Ultimately, it prompted the question, ‘Why can we do this?’ According to the prime minister, this campaign was meant to be more about policies and a vote on Canada’s future.

Many analysts, though, believe it is more about Trudeau’s vanity and sleazy vote-buying. Ottawa rushed to establish national early education and childcare agreements with vote-rich regions like British Columbia, as well as Quebec, just before the election.

The Liberals are targeting these two areas for electoral gains. Trudeau also gave Canadians an elaboration: “More boldness on global warming.”