Canadian Provinces Give Up, Will End COVID Lockdowns

After countrywide protests, the governors of two provinces of Canada declared they are working to lift COVID-19 limitations.

Canada’s Leaders are Waking Up

“I understand the frustration,” Alberta’s Jason Kenney said late Wednesday on his official Twitter account, “but the conclusion of COVID restrictions is coming.”

“Hang tight for additional details in the days ahead.” Kenney also attached a video in the post, showing solidarity with nonviolent protesters across the country who are against the country’s COVID-19 mitigating limitations and regulations.

“We’ve had a lot of backlash and a lot of individuals,” Kenney said in the video. “I believe the great majority of them seem to be well-intentioned, law-abiding citizens who are sick to death of how COVID has flipped their life upside down.”

“They’re fed up with public health interventions of all types.”

Kenney then focused on two continuing trucker demonstrations: the “Freedom Convoy” inhabiting the country’s capital, Ottawa, and the boundary roadblock in the community of Coutts in Kenney’s native province of Alberta, which has been happening since Saturday.

“Many people are irritated by the quarantine requirements for cross-border transporters in particular. Thank you to everyone who has been out there respectfully and quietly attempting to make that point.”

“Thank you for making use of your democratic freedoms to do so. Thank you for expressing your enthusiasm, as well as your dissatisfaction. I can definitely hear you.”

Kenney then turned his attention to the Coutts truckers. “To individuals here and in Alberta who have taken part in or backed some of these demonstrations, I want to express my deepest sympathies.”

He explained his administration had been chastised for resorting to limitations as a last resort to avert more significant health problems. “Please understand there were no good options in any of this,” Kenney explained.

Sympathy for the Truckers

“So to those who are driven by that irritation, I fully sympathize with you,” Kenney said, adding he is advocating to abolish the isolation requirements for immunized cross-border drivers, both internally in Canada and externally in the United States.

“I’m on your side, for all those who feel the same way.”

Late in the day, Saskatchewan Governor Scott Moe declared his government will be removing limitations.

“There have been a lot of debates in Saskatchewan about whether this is time to take a look at eliminating all of the existing COVID controls and restrictions.”

“I believe it is time,” said Moe, who earlier criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation that protesters were a “fringe group” and backed the “Freedom Convoy.”

“This isn’t because COVID has come to an end; it hasn’t. This is because people are more aware of it. They realize what they must do.”

“They recognize the risk; they are more willing to bear that risk than they are to bear the continual government interference into their life.”