Cardi B Wants to Become a Politician

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On Sunday, rapper Cardi B took to Twitter, expressing an interest in a political career.

This political interest comes after previously endorsing Bernie Sanders, repeatedly slamming the decisions of President Trump, and branding Trump supporters as “racist rednecks.”

Ironically, however, the rapper complained in 2018 about how much money she’s forced to pay in taxes; it’s unclear if Cardi knows that Sanders, who she loves so much, favors massive tax increases, especially on the wealthiest Americans.

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“” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Sean Davis

Still, Cardi B made no bones about expressing her interest in diving into the political arena. The rapper published a series of tweets over the weekend, explaining why she believes that a career in politics is her lane.

Why Cardi B Thinks She Should Go Into Politics

Per the rapper’s own admission, she “really love[s] government” even though she doesn’t agree with government. Again, the disagreement with government is ironic, seeing as Cardi B back and supporters a politician who LOVES big government and whose whole campaign centers around the growth and expansion of government. Nevertheless, Cardi still maintains that she should go into politics.

In another tweet, Cardi B explained her strategies for becoming a politician. The rapper professed that if she “focus up” and returns to school, she can become a member of Congress. Although some might consider this a lofty or even unattainable goal for someone like Cardi, the rapper explained that she “dead*ss have sooo much ideas” that she can bring to the United States government.

Finally, Cardi B stated that she wants to not only go into politics, but also “shake the table.”

Reactions to Cardi B’s Newfound Political Interest

Many folks on the right-wing have understandably expressed some skepticism regarding Cardi B’s political interest. During 2018 and 2019, people noted the conflict between opposing higher taxes and supporting Bernie Sanders; likewise, the nature in which the rapper speaks, tweets, and talks about various matters has raised some questions about whether politics is truly her lane.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not Cardi returns to school in order to become a politician. In order to be elected into Congress, she would have to run for office, determine where she stands on policy issues, garner certain endorsements, and win enough votes.

In light of current circumstances, many people consider this a tall order for the Bronx rapper. Cardi would, however, undoubtedly go into politics as a Democrat if she follows through on this newfound interest in becoming a politician.

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