Carly Fiorina Hits Republicans for “Pledging Allegiance” to Party and Trump

It is a very well-established fact that the majority of Republicans and conservatives are supportive of President Trump. The president maintains an extremely high approval rating amongst the right-wing; this pattern has persisted ever since Trump first dived into political waters during the 2016 presidential election. In many regards, support of President Trump is viewed as synonymous with being a member of the right-wing.

However, it certainly goes without saying that not all Republicans or conservatives view this president favorably. The ones who fall into this camp are certainly in the minority and regularly face censure from their in-party, pro-Trump counterparts. This is something which certain Republicans view as problematic; on Monday, former 2016 GOP candidate Carly Fiorina spoke out about this matter, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing Fiorina’s Statements on the GOP and Support for Trump

In essence, Fiorina expressed concerns about the nature of support for Trump within the Republican Party. She also noted that the Pledge of Allegiance calls for loyalty to the flag instead of the president. Fiorina articulated her viewpoints on Twitter and noted that she and others like her have faced criticism for censuring the president as members of the Republican Party.

The first parts of Fiorina’s thread of tweets focused on the specifics of the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance:

From this point, Fiorina bemoaned the fact that she and others have faced criticism for failing to support the president. She also challenged assertions that censure of Trump makes her “disloyal” and otherwise traitorous to presumably the GOP and/or America.

Fiorina presented the case that as an American citizen, she has a duty to maintain loyalty towards “a more perfect union” instead of President Trump.

Finally, Fiorina concluded her statements by stating that the president’s duty is to serve the nation, rather than a nation’s citizens being mandated to display loyalty to the president.

Backlash Against Anti-Trump Republicans and Anti-Trump Conservatives

Individuals of all political backgrounds and affiliations are well within their rights to support whichever politicians they so choose; that’s simply part of living in a free country, such as America. However, just as anti-Trump Republicans and anti-Trump conservatives have the right to articulate their concerns and issues, pro-Trump Republicans and conservatives maintain this same right.

Criticism against any president falls under First Amendment rights, but this doesn’t mean that certain critics won’t face censure of their own. The Republican Party is overwhelmingly supportive of President Trump and that’s not really going to change. The minority of right-wing persons with negative attitudes towards the president will simply have to accept that some criticism is going to come their way.

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