CDC Declares Racism a “Public Health Threat”

"CDC" (CC BY 2.0) by Raed Mansour

Over the past year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made many decisions that have engendered backlash, questions, and controversy. At this time, the CDC is currently being sued by Florida for a cruise ban that’s lasted since March 2020 and led to countless Florida workers in the cruise industry suffering immense financial harm.

“Agressió a la seu de CDC d’Horta – Guin” (CC BY 2.0) by Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya

The controversy surrounding the CDC doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the mixed messages and conflicting stories to come from this body have only led to increasingly polarized viewpoints. Some people believe that the CDC is to be trusted without question; others don’t view the CDC as a credible establishment at all.

In a new development, the CDC earlier this week declared that racism is a “public health threat” to society, per Washington Examiner.

The CDC on Racism

On Thursday, Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, declared that racism is a threat to public health. Walensky also informed that the CDC will be carrying out reviews of “social determinants” in relation to how they impact health results, particularly in communities of color.

Her statement continued with the declaration that millions of Americans are adversely impacted health-wise by racism. According to the CDC, there are apparently “structural barriers” that adversely impact people’s homes, work lives, and other aspects of their lives. Walensky did not explain why she believes these barriers exist or how the existence of these supposed barriers are supported by facts.

The CDC director did, however, note that COVID-19 has merely shined a spotlight on alleged “systemic racism” in the United States. It’s important to note that talking points of racist “structural barriers” and “systemic” blocks against people of color are common leftist talking points.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

In previous times, the CDC has sounded the alarm that communities of color will not have as much access to coronavirus vaccines as other communities.

Despite a sizable portion of the population having serious reservations about this vaccine, the CDC has stated that vaccine distribution centers need to be put in communities that are easily accessible by minorities.

Leftists have since applauded the CDC for declaring that racism is prevalent in the United States and a threat to public health.

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