CDC Now Urges Three Feet of Social Distancing

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Getting schools reopened is a pretty big deal at this point. Children who are forced into remote learning are suffering as they lose critical in-person interactions that foster social, emotional, and mental growth.

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Due to the critical nature of getting schools reopened, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has amended certain guidelines. The most-recently amended guidelines deal with social distancing in schools and how much space should be between children returning to schools for in-person learning.

According to Newsmax, the CDC has amended its prior calls for six feet of social distancing to now three feet.

A New Standard of Social Distancing

Yesterday, the CDC determined that children in schools can safely remain three feet away from each other, rather than six feet. Since this new change, school leaders maintain that they have more flexibility and an easier time with teaching students in classrooms.

However, there is more to this CDC change than initially meets the eye. Prior to the body officially calling for three feet of social distancing, certain schools were already abiding by three feet of social distancing, rather than six feet. Schools also argued that there was a lack of real evidence showing the benefit of six feet social distancing among children.

Studies have already shown that children are exceedingly unlikely to contract and spread COVID-19, let alone die from it. This calls into question not only the need for social distancing in schools, but also the need for mask mandates.

Loss of Trust in the CDC

Among the general public, a definite loss of trust in the CDC has emerged.

Quite simply, many Americans question the science behind certain recommendations to come from this body. Others believe that the CDC is not immune from having its guidelines and reccomendations motivated by politics, rather than just science.

Some people have stated that everyone ought to just trust and believe the experts without question. However, a growing quantity of Americans is no longer accepting this. People want to understand the science behind these guidelines that have very real and lasting impacts when adhered to.

Thus far, the CDC has some work to do before it can fully regain the trust of the American people.

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