Canada’s Truckers Rumble into Ottawa

The majority from the Freedom Parade has yet to arrive in the peaceful streets of the city of Ottawa, but it is already shaking the glass of Canada’s political elite.

Thousands of people are expected to gather near Parliament Hill and across the Canadian capital on Saturday to oppose vaccine requirements, COVID-19 limits, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada Has Never Seen Anything Like This

“This weekend’s protests will be one-of-a-kind: fluid, risky, and big,” Ottawa Police Commander Peter Sloly warned on Friday. “These protests are on a national scale, and they’re tremendous. They are, regrettably, divisive in character.”

Protesters began their campaign after Trudeau’s administration implemented legislation that forces unvaccinated truckers coming to Canada from the United States to be quarantined and undergo COVID testing as of Jan. 15.

A week later, the Biden administration implemented a similar policy for entrance into the United States.

The initial rallying point was to convince the national government to rescind a vaccine requirement for border-crossing drivers, as well as all vaccine requirements and government COVID-19 tracking apps.

The activists have threatened to shut down central Ottawa for as long as it takes, a warning that arrives as the House of Commons prepares to reconvene on Monday.

Nevertheless, as Canada approaches the 23rd month of the outbreak, the demonstration has become a high-profile event, to which others have attached their own concerns, as have additional folks with grievances.

Anger with COVID-19 policies has been growing at a time when grocery and gas prices have been skyrocketing. Last month, inflation reached a three-decade high. The loose-knit group is also instilling fear of possible bloodshed.

Some followers have called for a repeat of the January 6th uprising on Capitol Hill. Others advocated for property destruction and threats against public leaders.

Donald Trump Jr. praised Canada’s trucker campaign as a “brilliant idea” and expressed his desire to see more of this in the United States.

Massive Support for the Protesters

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Donald Trump Jr. stated, “Let’s back these truckers defending freedom, battling as patriots.”

Authorities in Ottawa took an unprecedented step late Thursday, advising federal legislators to “shut and lock all outside doors” of their residences.

Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonell stated attempts had been undertaken to dox members of Parliament’s locations.

When asked about the similarities to January 6, Sloly acknowledged they have been “woven into the narrative” around the trucker convoy. He said, though, he is convinced that the large majority of people would demonstrate in a lawful and peaceful manner.

Trudeau declined to yield on the vaccine requirement because he believes he has the support of Canada’s quiet majority.

“This small fringe minority of the population on their way to Parliament or who are voicing objectionable opinions do not represent the beliefs of Canadians,” Trudeau said on Wednesday, noting over 90% of the country’s eligible population had been vaccinated.