Chaos as Kabul Airport Flooded With People Fleeing Taliban Advance


After Afghanistan’s dramatic downfall, a former Obama-era envoy to the country says he has “grave doubts” regarding President Biden’s “capacity to lead” America as the country’s head of state.

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Retired Afghanistan Ambassador Ryan Crocker criticized the administration’s leadership skills in a statement over the weekend, citing the Taliban’s quick control of the country.

Crocker, who has worked as an official for multiple administrations, criticized Biden for misunderstanding the circumstances or being unconcerned about the ramifications of a fast exit.

It was Biden Who Set the Deadline for Withdrawal

In February of last year, Trump signed the first withdrawal deal with the militants without consulting the Afghan State; Biden said in April that his regime would leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021.

After being asked about Crocker’s comments, a White House official referred Fox News to the National Security advisor Jake Sullivan’s recent comments supporting the pullout.

What the administration was not willing to do was begin the third decade of war by sending in many more soldiers; this would supposedly would be the only alternative option for fighting in the midst of a civil war which the Afghan army just wouldn’t fight on its own.

Biden would never do such a thing to the males and females of America, let alone their relatives. Ultimately, that is why he decided to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, per Sullivan.

Crocker was recalled to the diplomatic corps by President Barack Obama in 2011 as the country’s representative to Kabul. Crocker’s foreign career earned him the Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor.

Afganistan Collapsed at a Terrifying Speed

On Monday, White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan admitted that the security environment in Afghanistan “unexpectedly unfolded,” but that President Biden stands by his decision to withdraw American forces.

After the administration disintegrated and the Afghan government fled the country, fully armed Islamic militants rushed into Kabul on Sunday. This heralded the conclusion of the United States’ 20-year attempt to restore the nation following the withdrawal of the US troops from the area.

Sullivan supported Biden’s decision to remove soldiers during an interview on ABC News’ Good Morning America on Monday. According to Sullivan, the administration did not believe it was unavoidable that the Taliban would gain control of Afghanistan.

He believed the government troops could step up and attack because the United States spent 20 years and billions of dollars, educating them, providing them with the greatest weapons, and providing them with US military backing.

Whenever it came down to it, they chose not to pursue their nation, according to Sullivan. He added that the administration was presented with the issue of whether American males and females should be placed in the midst of some other civil war if their own military will not protect them.