Charlie Crist’s Bid to Oust DeSantis Isn’t Going So Well

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis is running for another term as the state’s governor. Up against him is Charlie Crist, a Democrat who was once a Republican.

Crist’s campaign to boot DeSantis from the governor’s office isn’t going over so well. While DeSantis is getting crossover support, Crist is saying he doesn’t want the support of anyone who likes DeSantis.

In his efforts to become the next governor, Crist is attacking DeSantis on his response to Hurricane Ian, abortion, and a litany of other matters.

However, with less than one month until Florida voters head to the polls, it doesn’t really look like Crist will walk away with the win, as reported by Newsmax.

A Desperate Last Stand

Throughout Florida, Crist is running ads that attack DeSantis on the issue of abortion. Crist says the Florida governor’s endgame with abortion is to pass a complete and total ban.

The Democratic candidate then alleges that if he’s elected by Florida voters, he’ll do everything he can to make abortion access totally available to women of the state.

Unfortunately for Crist, playing the abortion card isn’t going to be enough to get him across the finish line. Crist is on record supporting vaccine mandates and a litany of other left-wing policies that most Florida voters aren’t in favor of.

On top of that, Crist would be a rubber stamp for the Biden administration. Meanwhile, in Florida, more than five in ten voters don’t approve of the current president’s job performance.

Game Over For Crist

By bashing DeSantis and his supporters, Crist is running his campaign as if he’s trying to be governor of California or New York, rather than of Florida.

Right now, the Sunshine State’s number of registered Republicans is more than 200,000 higher than the number of Florida’s registered Democratic voters.

This alone gives DeSantis an edge that he didn’t have in 2018 when he first campaigned for and won the governor’s mansion. The latest polling of DeSantis vs. Crist has the governor leading his leftist rival by double digits now.

On top of that, DeSantis has raised far more money than Crist in the race for Florida governor. Previously, Crist tried downplaying the impact that money has in an election like this; although any serious person knows better.

In less than one month, Crist will be giving his concession speech in the race for the Florida governor’s office. Meanwhile, DeSantis will have cruised to victory and will continue delivering for the people of his state.

What do you think about Charlie Crist’s efforts to block Ron DeSantis from winning a second term as governor of Florida? In the comments area, you’re more than welcome to share how you believe this election is going to turn out.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.