Cheney Releases New Criticisms Against Trump in ABC Interview

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Last week, House Republicans voted in Rep. Elise Stefanik to replace Rep. Liz Cheney as the chairwoman of the House GOP Conference. Cheney’s removal from this post came after her ongoing remarks against former President Trump, something that many House Republicans viewed as detrimental to the party.

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Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, has made very clear that she views former President Trump as threatening and dangerous to democracy. Trump, meanwhile, has slammed Cheney as a “warmonger” and loser; the former president also maintains that he will back whichever GOP candidate runs to remove Cheney from Congress.

Since her departure from House Republican leadership, Cheney’s given multiple interviews. As Breitbart News reports, Cheney maintains her stance against former President Trump and is vocal about what she views as dangers to democracy and the Constitution.

The Latest from Liz Cheney

Today, Cheney sat down with ABC News host Jon Karl to discuss her thoughts about the Republican Party and the future. The Wyoming Republican made clear that she believes a repeat of the January 6 insurrection could happen again due to former President Trump’s remarks about the 2020 election.

Cheney also spoke about the GOP in general and things that she believes Republicans ought to be cognizant of. When asked about the Republican Party failing to win the popular vote in the six most recent elections, Cheney said this should be concerning to the GOP.

The Wyoming Republican then declared that Republicans should cease to reward “unserious behavior” within the party’s elected leaders.

In this interview and others, Cheney has reiterated that she believes the Republican Party has better policies than the Democrats; however, Cheney maintains that the best way for the GOP to win in future races is to embrace what she calls “truth” and distance themselves from former President Trump.

Cheney on the 2020 Presidential Election

The Wyoming congresswoman has continued to dismiss claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from President Trump. Shortly before being voted out of Republican leadership, Cheney stated that claims of a stolen election constitute the “big lie” and must be denounced accordingly.

During her interview with ABC News, Cheney stood by this position. The Wyoming Republican also stated that very few Republicans in Congress believe that the 2020 presidential race was stolen from Trump.

Last week, Cheney declared that she would do whatever it takes to make sure that Trump does not get re-elected as president of the United States. Cheney, unlike many Republicans, views the 45th president as a danger to the GOP and the nation at large.

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