Cheney’s Husband is a Partner in the Law Firm That Represents Hunter Biden

Philip Perry, the husband of Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, is a partner at the same legal firm that represents the scandal-plagued son of President Joe Biden.

The Daily Mail contacted Hunter Biden’s attorney last week for clarification on a report that uncovered fresh information on the extent to which the younger Biden utilized the family name for profitable offshore business enterprises.

In 2014, then-Vice President Biden reportedly met with two Chinese energy businessmen who worked with Hunter Biden’s international businesses.

Christopher Clark, described as a partner at Latham & Watkins, reacted to the Daily Mail’s request for comment by referring to the reporter as a “parasite” in an incoherent email riddled with mistakes.

Denied Meetings

The then-vice president’s 2014 meeting with Chinese power moguls was his 15th with businesses related to Hunter Biden’s corporate interests. This is now contradicting Biden’s frequent assertions of never talking business with his son “or with anybody else.”

The federal government is currently investigating the first son for financial fraud and foreign lobbying.

Perry is registered as a partner at Lathan & Watkins, as his wife fights for re-election next week on an anti-Trump stance.

Cheney faces Trump-backed attorney Harriet Hageman in a region that voted for Trump by a larger margin than anyplace else.

According to a survey from Casper-Star Tribune in July, as Cheney attempts to secure an additional term by pandering to Democrats, Hageman leads Cheney by 22 points.

Even if all Democrats in the state changed their voter registration to support Cheney in the primary, Cheney’s opponent backed by Trump is likely to win in states where Republicans exceed Democrats by more than 200,000 to 43,000.

On Sunday, prior to next week’s election, the New York Times published a profile of the race, detailing Cheney’s failed campaign.

The Times said she no longer announces her Wyoming travel and transformed her campaign into invite-only house receptions.

According to the article, more perplexing than her schedule is why Cheney, who collected over $13 million, has not committed more money to the campaign, particularly early on when she had the chance to identify Hageman.

At the beginning of July, Cheney had spent only almost half of her war chest. This made people worry that she was saving money to use against Trump in the future.

The Wyoming congressman, who will certainly lose her seat in the election, has been preparing for a 2024 presidential bid.

Misplaced Priorities?

Cheney stated on CNN that if she had to choose between preserving her seat in the House or safeguarding the Constitution and letting the American people understand the facts about Trump, she would pick the Constitution and the truth day after day.

In a chat with the New York Times this week, Cheney vowed to continue her anti-Trump fight, which now stretches beyond the former president to “Trumpism,” long beyond the midterm elections.

The Times added when asked if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom many Republicans have embraced as a Trump alternative, was among the off-limits candidates, she stated she would find it extremely difficult to support DeSantis in a national election.

The Cheney family’s desire for Hunter Biden to avoid punishment puts doubt on the likelihood that a Cheney administration would allow the special corruption inquiry requested by former Attorney General Bill Barr.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.