Chicago Murders Soar by 139%

"George Floyd street art on Chicago Ave i" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

Chicago, Illinois continues to dominate news cycles for its inability to get crime under control.

In addition to par-for-the-course lawlessness in the Democrat-controlled city, social unrest and acts of violence from Black Lives Matter also remain very much an issue. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues her refusal to act for the preservation of law and order; however, she did recently approve the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue.


Now, new reports from Breitbart News show an alarming, new statistic about murders in Chicago. Last month, local murders surged by 139% in comparison to where they were in July 2019.

A Closer Look at Crime in Chicago

As murders have increased by a shocking 139%, other acts of lawlessness are on the rise in Chicago too. Between the periods of July 2019 and July 2020, shootings surged by 75%. Americans across the nation are critical of this data, urging Mayor Lightfoot to take action that will drive these numbers down and protect Chicagoans.

Thus far, Lightfoot has yet to act. In fact, last month, the Chicago mayor actually criticized President Trump for deploying federal troops to stop crime in the city. According to Lightfoot, the troops were not wanted and she wasn’t going to “allow” the president to send in officials.

Lightfoot’s Response to Chicago Crime

Instead of taking action to fix a 139% increase in local murders, the Chicago mayor is pointing the finger at states outside of Illinois and claiming them to be the problem.

During remarks with CNN, Lightfoot claimed that “illegal guns” arriving from other states are what’s causing so much crime in Chicago. The mayor additionally stated that Chicago is “inundated with guns” coming from states without overbearing gun control measures.

Lightfoot declined to note that Illinois’ own gun control orders have not stopped crime surges or murders in the state. This is not shocking to certain Americans, though; conservatives have routinely warned that gun control measures only embolden criminals while leaving lawful Americans at their mercy.

To date, the Chicago mayor has yet to put forth a plan or policy to stop crime in Chicago. At this point, it appears that criminal activity in the city will continue to worsen before any real improvements are made.

What do you think about the 139% increase in Chicago murders? Why do you think the city’s mayor is refusing to act? Let us know down below in the comments section.