Chicago Teens Responsible for Killing Released Without Charges

Three teens snatched a Kia in February in Robbins, which is located southwest of Chicago, and then fled in an explosive pursuit. They ended up colliding the stolen automobile with Donald Carter’s car, who was driving it at the age of 70.

Teens Kill Man

In the collision, Carter passed away. Queries were brought up regarding the way the probe was being conducted once it had (sort of) begun.

The teens were all freed and haven’t been charged as of yet, even months later.

As you could expect, David Carter’s loved ones are in a hysterical state. Darren Bryant, the mayor of Robbins, was involved in the event. The more information we gather concerning it, the more it seems like something is very wrong in that community.

As per the Southland Journal, Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant dismissed Police Chief David Sheppard in April, following the event after the chief frequently criticized actions emanating from the mayor’s office.

We’ll quickly go through the chronology so you may make your own judgment.

Mayor Bryant instructed Police Chief David Sheppard to transport Carter’s car to a municipal building wherein salt for roads was kept very shortly following the collision.

Sheppard disagreed, claiming doing so would violate the chain-of-custody regulations and may jeopardize a legal proceeding.

The mayor claims that the damaged car was impeding the movement of public work trucks.

Despite Sheppard’s protests, the automobile was relocated. Sheppard then contacted the Department of Public Works, who informed him there was absolutely no issue with obstructing traffic and they were unaware of what the mayor had been referring to.

Possible Corruption

The mayor sacked the police chief a few days thereafter.

The teens implicated were originally believed to have been all 13 years old. However, they were actually 17, 15, and 14 years old, a police spokeswoman said in an announcement last week. Therefore, at least one of them was of legal driving age.

The spokesperson claimed he had no idea how the wrong ages were first entered.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.