Children of Illegal Immigrants Admit To Voting Illegally

Voting is the right of every eligible American citizen. If everyone in the world got to vote in US elections, we wouldn’t be a country anymore.

Whereas for the children of illegal immigrants who get DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) benefits, it’s a touchy subject. Now, one DACA individual says that she and other DACA descendants are already voting.

Admitting to this criminal activity is shocking, but Angelica Bello, a DACA recipient, participated directly in a vote for a Minnesota Transportation Committee and bragged about it.

What Did Bello Say?

On January 10, Bello participated and voted in favor of a bill that seeks to legally provide a driver’s license to illegal immigrants in the U.S. Bello said she was happy to be able to contribute to society in some way.

She said she feels integrated into American society and is happy to see that her vote can be part of an important decision and make a difference in some people’s lives.

DACA was created in the Obama era and entitles deportation recipients to renew their visas in two years and provides benefits to kids of illegals. Bello said the initiative to provide a driver’s license to illegal immigrants is a genuine way to give the person one more way to work legally inside the US.

It’s basically just a way to get to amnesty and get around US federal law, in other words.

Helping Illegal Immigrants

According to Bello, it is liberating that a person can have a driver’s license in the US. What use of a car could be to help illegal immigrant families make a living is crucial.

Bello recalled that perhaps if her mother had the opportunity to have a driver’s license, she would not have had to sell her body in prostitution as a way to generate income to pay bills and support the family.

In her speech, during the vote, Bello made a point of remembering the importance of being there. She said her vote is important in tracing measures for the common good of society, as well as important in the life of every politician present there.

GOP Reacts

Republicans have repudiated the right to vote for DACA recipients.

According to the Republican Party, issuing a driver’s license to everyone, even illegal immigrants, is not something that can bring more stability and will, in fact, create more insecurity and problems for society.

Republicans proposed that the licenses of drivers approved for illegal immigrants come with a caveat that such a document did not give the illegal alien individual the right to vote.

Such a request has already been rejected by the committee in Minnesota.

The Bottom Line

Democrats say they are in favor of documents that could make illegal immigrants eligible to vote in American elections. Who would actually benefit? The Democrat Party would, but not American citizens.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.