China Gives Chilling Warnings to Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is visiting Asia, as the speculations about her possible Taiwan visit remain high. However, Chinese military experts are suggesting a high-risk Taiwan visit of Pelosi can trigger unprecedented conflict between the US and China.

This conflict may turn into a full-scale war between the two countries, which could eventually result in a global crisis.

Aggressive Warnings to Pelosi

A Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, frequently used the phrase “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” ahead of China’s war with the neighboring country of India in 1962.

Similarly, the same phrase was the talk of the town before the China-Vietnam war in 1979. 

Now, a high-level Chinese think-tank that held its latest meeting on Friday used the same phrase to warn the United States about the possible confrontation if Pelosi visits Taiwan during her Asia trip.

This is not the only warning of Chinese strategists to the US regarding Taiwan in recent days. On Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Biden for almost two hours and warned him “not to play with fire” by intervening in Taiwan.

Xi suggested the US should not try to defy the public opinion of Chinese people, who think Taiwan is an integral part of China.

Likewise, different ministries and high-level officials of China threatened the US about Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan.

The Institute of Taiwan Studies in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held a seminar on Friday. It outlined the consequences of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, mentioning it will not only undermine China-US bilateral relations, but also start a new geopolitical tussle.

According to the head of the institute, Yang Mingjie, China can intercept Pelosi’s plane using military jets and by restricting the airspace around the island of Taiwan.

China Ready For Unprecedented Response to US 

Reportedly, the US military denounced concerns that China may shoot down Pelosi’s plane. Furthermore, the US is also mobilizing its military assets in the Indo-Pacific region to create deterrence for China.

Yang also noted the Chinese are consistently using the phrase “yanzhen yidai,” which means the country is “streamlining army formation to wait for the enemy.”

Another Naval expert of China, Wang Yunfei, asserted China could also try to fly fighter jets along Pelosi’s plane. If her plane still manages to land in Taiwan, Chinese jets will fly over the airport where Pelosi lands. 

In addition to that, some military analysts are also suggesting China is ready to conduct large-scale military drills in the waters surrounding Taiwan. This will involve the mobilization of state-of-the-art military technology, including long-range rockets.

Experts believe the Chinese response will be more intense, compared to its aggression during the 1995-1996 Taiwan crisis.

One strategic expert, Leng Bo, noted China was not so strong militarily during the previous Taiwan separatism movement in the 1990s. Now, the country is equipped with the latest military machinery. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.