China Installs Police Base on American Soil and Biden Does Nothing About It

Communist China is a menace to the world of the kind that hasn’t been seen since the 1930s.

The out-of-control communist police state is boosted by advanced technology and a soul-crushing ideology that caused over 100 million deaths in the 20th Century.

China has been doing its best to grow its power worldwide, including establishing naval bases around the globe, addicting Africa to cheap loans, and profiting from the devastation of the COVID virus and its hit on the US economy.

Now, China is also establishing police stations on American soil. Yes, seriously.

China Opens Police Station in New York

China opened police centers in several different locations around the world in order to further control not only its citizens who remain at home, but also the Chinese who are scattered in other countries.

This includes a new police station in New York, as well as some in Toronto, Canada. Why on earth would America allow a foreign nation to have subsidiary police stations on our territory?

It gets even worse in Europe. China already has police stations in Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, and London.

The total numbers are very disturbing indeed. In fact, there are more than 50 Chinese police stations in 30 countries around the globe. That’s a lot of police stations exerting Chinese power globally.

Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping is happy about this and extending China’s reach, but why should we allow it and why is Joe Biden and his regime letting this happen?

China’s Corrupt Police State

More than 200,000 Chinese are currently wanted to return to China to answer for crimes. These police stations around the world are a dragnet to get them in cuffs and on a plane home.

The Chinese government monitors the lives of its citizens through telecommunications channels and closely watches everything people do and say.

This includes the social credit system where your access to loans, freedom to travel, and ability to buy a home or use basic services are affected by your loyalty to the government.

This is obviously a system that violates all human and international rights, which is what makes it all the more disturbing that globalists want to bring it to America. Beijing Biden is just a useful tool to install this creeping communism here at home.

In Europe, there is a non-governmental agency called Safeguard Defenders. It recently released a report in which it says what China is doing is illegal amid setting up these police stations.

Both Biden and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, have yet to comment on the matter; they clearly don’t have an issue with it. Otherwise, it would not be happening.

What Exactly is Going On?

Of course, China says what they do is completely legal and it’s a way to protect the integrity of its citizens and their country.

Would that be the role normally done through embassies and not by imposing Chinese police bases around the world? Their police can operate in their country and they can stay in their country!

Why are the leaders of all those countries where the posts are installed letting China dictate what it wants?

Plus these Chinese bases not only abuse police power, but are also used to spread propaganda from the government of China.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.