China Lashes Out Against USA Over Vital Upcoming Measure

The regime of communist China has been infuriated as states and the federal government in the US are seriously considering imposing a ban on Chinese citizens buying property in America.

Spy Balloon Opened Pandora’s Box for Chinese Nationals

Concerns about China’s espionage activities and communist infiltration have spiked since last week when the US Air Force downed a Chinese spying balloon on the East Coast.

Beijing had the impudence of being publicly outraged – never mind that it was their military that so brazenly targeted the United States in an intelligence-gathering operation.

The regime of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, however, maintained that the espionage airship was nothing but an airship that went off course.

Beijing’s officials not only raged that the US violated international law by shooting it down, but they even filed an official complaint with the American Embassy in China.

Because of the entire spy balloon episode and existing reports that Chinese firms and businessmen, likely intelligence operatives, are buying land close to US military bases, several states – such as Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and Montana – are presenting legislation to prevent Chinese nationals from purchasing real estate on their territories.

Asked about the potential ban in question, Mao Ning, a spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, seemingly fumed about the possibility.

Mao accused the United States of breaking the “principles” not only of international trade rules, but also of market economy, as cited by Reuters – as though China knows all about those.

The spokesman condemned the “politicizing” of economic, investment, and trade “issues” on part of the United States, as well as the “generalizing of national security.”

Rants About How Beneficial China is to America

The Chinese apparatchik then went on to parrot some of the well-known dictums of the People’s Republic to take advantage of America economically.

He ranted about just how “beneficial” the “economic and trade” collaboration had been for the United States, more specifically calling it “mutually beneficial in nature.”

Seemingly ignoring the mind-blowing sums of money that US businesses poured into China over the past 50 years, Mao spoke about “investments” that Chinese “enterprises” made in America.

He claimed those investments “promoted domestic employment” in the United States and even its overall “economic development.”

Speaking in a Fox News interview earlier this week, Michael Pillsbury, an expert on China, insisted the US should take legal action against the ruling Chinese Communist Party, due to national security concerns.

He said Congress must pass a law that would ban the purchase of land near US military bases by foreign nationals.

The report noted that Chinese nationals own some 383,000 acres of farmland in America, which was worth nearly $2 billion in 2021. Only a decade earlier, in 2010, the Chinese-owned land in the US was far less and worth only $81 million.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.